recognize false counterfeit Goyard bag

Recognize a real bag, spot an imitation, we are going to reveal the secrets of an authentic second-hand Goyard bag to unmask fakes.

These bags are as counterfeit as the  Louis Vuitton  or the Hermès . So much so that we are constantly apprehensive of being tricked into buying second-hand. We estimate that  95% of used Goyard bags sold on the internet are fake.


Buying directly from Goyard is of course the guarantee of buying an authentic article. But for lovers of vintage and second-hand experience is complicated.


The infringement is a violation of intellectual property rights by the fact imitate or copy something without having the right or saying or claiming that imitation is genuine. The notion of counterfeiting often has a pejorative connotation, implying an article of poor quality.


The counterfeit market generates several billion dollars, for this reason, counterfeiters have become big organized companies in manufacturing and distribution, it is more and more difficult to tell the difference between a real and a fake even for a eye alert. 


recognize Goyard fake bag

We will dissect Goyard accessories for you and reveal all the little secrets of their authenticity! The purpose of this article is to give advice during acquisition and to remove certain doubts. Thanks to these tips, you will be able to detect errors and manufacturing defects to unmask Goyard counterfeits.


Because even a vintage counterfeit is never perfect. And cannot compete with the know-how  Goyard  which created since 1853 the most luxurious articles of travel. Legacy of the trunk makers of yesteryear.

Authentic Goyard Saint Louis bag


Saint Louis bag:

The Saint Louis de Goyard bag is a tote bag, created in the early 2000s. Its apparent simplicity combines elegance and practicality and makes it an undisputed classic of the House. It is by far the most popular Goyard bag. It comes in two sizes, PM and GM. It is a bag that has been very successful for several years. Constantly reinvented, this bag appeals to women all over the world and continually dresses the shoulders and hands of stars. Kate Moss and her daughter use it as beach bags, Nicole Richie, Julianne Moore and Gwyneth Paltrow wear it for their shopping spree.

What is less known is that this bag can occasionally be reversible temporarily, the reverse side allows new uses such as for example carrying a swimsuit.



To know if a bag is fake, you must already know the history of luxury houses in order to be able to date an object and recognize the different generations and periods.

old chevron 1900 goyard canvas


François Goyard: 

François Goyard founded his packing house in 1853. Are sons and his grandsons and granddaughter will take over making Maison Goyard one of the most famous luxury trunk houses.

  • In 1900, Edmond Goyard created a  rigid canvas  called  Goyardine  to cover rigid luggage, trunks and suitcases.
flexible fabric woven goyard 1965
  • In 1965 , Robert Goyard modernized the canvas by creating a flexible  woven canvas to cover his luggage and adapt to leather goods.
Goyard canvas bag and leather goods signs
Jean-Michel Signoles:

In 1998, Jean-Michel Signoles, French businessman, former owner and creator of the Chipie brand, took over the house with his sons and his wife Florence.

  • In  1998 ,  reissue of the  black Goyardine canvas . This  new edition is flexible  unlike that of 1900. It therefore allows new applications, handbags and small leather goods. 
Saint louis goyard bag
  • In  2002 , while the Goyardine canvas only existed in black, the Signoles family  declined it in 12 colors.

This date is very important, it is therefore from this moment that the Goyard bags become a huge success. Women exhibit themselves in the capitals of the world, from Paris to New York to London. It stands out as a best seller.


Price of success, and object of lust, around 2006 the first counterfeits appeared on the market, today they are flooding the world.



Goyard official store

Our experience has shown us that if you are wondering ... there is a big risk that your bag is fake.


Indeed, we do not have an authentic Goyard luxury bag for several thousand euros by chance. 


95% of Goyard bags sold outside official Goyard stores are fake!


fake goyard counterfeit website attention reduced price

Goyard bags and travel items are exclusively sold in its own stores around the world.


No product is sold online. Goyard does not make any balance or rebate. 


Don't dream,  100% of new Goyard bags at reduced prices are fake .


So beware of the tempting prices, despite the beautiful presentation of the photos. A new Goyard bag is not worth 400 euros.


dust bag fake Goyard expert bag

An invoice, a sales receipt, a credit card receipt, a dust bag, a packing box, a paper bag ... are all clues and elements that can put the chip to the ear.


All of these are counterfeit, so having a purchase receipt does not guarantee authenticity, but these accessories are never made with the same care as luxury homes. Like the false invoice,  certificates of authenticity  have no value.


In a photo, it is difficult to verify the details, the color, and the feel.

packaging and dust bag

real dust bag is made of thick cotton . Unlike the fakes which are made of polyester, light and slippery. Bad counterfeits simply have spelling mistakes. 

Check the font, Goyard's  does not have the same stick thickness.


Today, the bags are yellow, they existed in brown.


canvas goyard color recognize a fake

We could write several pages only on Goyardine canvas, this amazing canvas is extremely difficult to forge.


It's a real banknote, unfalsifiable ! There are hundreds of details to spot the fakes. We show you the easiest to spot.


The motif is painted manually in serigraphy in the Goyard workshops on a coated canvas (cotton, linen, hemp). On a uniform background, the printing of 3 different colors make up the herringbone pattern.

color goyard canvas recognize an authentic fake


The relief of the motif is due to the printing process of the emblematic Goyard canvas, named Goyardine. The white is very bright there.


The counterfeits are in printed plastic canvas , with a smooth touch, without relief. They are also duller.

vintage patina fake or authentic goyard bag?

The authentic Goyard canvas will acquire a patina over the years. The background remains intact while the 3 screen-printed colors become patinated. This is not the case with a second-hand counterfeit.


3 points to check to recognize a false Goyard canvas: 

  • E: GOYARD -  The logo font is very particular, Goyard being printed at the end it covers the first 2 colors. The font of the H and N of the name "Honoré" are singular.
expert bag goyard vintage counterfeit


  • Dotted chevron forming the pattern. The shape of each point is oval and non-round. The positioning of the white dotted lines is always perfectly vertical. The real canvas has a varying number of stitches . They are alternately 14 or 16.

On the fake Goyard handbag, the points are still 16 in number.

chevron goyard canvas bag recognize a real
  • Finally the last thing to check is the junction of the dashes from one color to another it forms a chevron reminiscent of the top of the "Y" of GOYARD. The dashes touch or even overlap. This is called connecting points. This connection is random and can vary even on the same canvas because each canvas is unique because printed manually.


canvas inside authentic goyard bag

The interior fabric is beige . This is the reverse side of the Goyardine canvas made up of linen, cotton and hemp threads. The natural canvas is not white but unbleached. The weaving is irregular, there are possibly small hollows and knots generated by a weaving of natural fibers.


On other items, there are leather or yellow canvas linings. Inside the bag, leather piping covers all the interior seams, and emphasizes the purity of the natural cotton and linen canvas. The piping seams are perfect.


couture vintage goyard bag

On the real Goyard, the stitching is perfect.


On the attachment of the handles, a number of points are doubled. A simple way to verify the authenticity of a handbag. The seams of the rest of the bag are straight.


On the false bag, the seams are not as finely made.

recognize counterfeit Saint Sulpice card holder and real goyard

On the  Saint Sulpice card holder , a best seller of the brand, the stopping points are of quality. there are 3 double points on the right and on the left.


Counterfeits have poor quality points in the corners as well as at the start and finish.


recognize a real marking, hermes signature

All Goyard bags are hot stamped. 


The typography and the font are precise, the spacing between each line is identical.


The first and last row have the same length. 


Goyard bags have an interior Goyard logo with a “Made In” sign underneath. The Goyard logo must be in capital letters. For the Goyard logo, look at the thickness of the "Y" the left side should be thicker and the "G" wheelbase should point clearly. The “Made In” logo is very thin and in a sans serif font. The logo should always be thin and crisp. The quality of the Goyard is impeccable, with no signs of bleeding, neglect or stains.

made in france saint louis Goyard bag

Marking is done on real leather, replicas use plastic coated canvas, or poor quality leather.


There is an interior "MADE IN FRANCE" logo on the soft leather border, centered between the leather handles and all in all caps.


recognize metallic press stud Goyard true counterfeit bag

To authenticate a bag, it is important to look at the smallest details such as the interior press stud on the pocket where Goyard is engraved, the face and the back of these press studs.


The replicas do not have the high quality machinery to ensure the same level of quality as the original items.


Each Goyard item has an identification code, it is the traceability of the bag. But just because you find a serial number on your bag does not mean that it guarantees the authenticity of the bag. Indeed the counterfeiters write false numbers or produce thousands of bags under the same code.

Goyard serial number

If you immediately spot a coarse, conspicuous and bulky No., that's not a good sign.

On a Goyard bag the serial number is usually discreetly hidden. Its font is clear and perfectly written.

For example on old St Louis bags the number is located in the pocket. Today it is on a leather tab connecting the pouch to the bag.

Goyard changes the fonts and typography according to the series and the years.


  • YYY : Goyard code: BAE - MAE - PIR - AAS - ARO - BAL - ABA - ADM - SUT - VAE - SAL
  • XXXX : Year of manufacture
  •  : Month of manufacture
ebay ad fake goyard saint louis counterfeit bag


Tip : Having a serial number is no guarantee of owning an authentic bag, even if it comes with an invoice. As for example this announcement where the serial number dates the bag from 2005 while the invoice dates from 2017 we can doubt its authenticity!


Goyard customer service to authenticate bag


If in doubt, you can go to a Goyard store to have the product authenticated.


The "saddle stitch" is a traditional seam resulting from French know-how, sewn by hand. We read a lot of wrong things about it we will reveal everything to you.
recognize a goyard hand seam