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On our store, we only sell trunks with a score between 14/20 and 20/20. 

We take great care in selecting high quality parts.


  • Condition : Museum  - note: 18 to 20/20 
    Exceptional state of conservation, 80% complete.  
  • Condition : Collection  - note: 16 to 20/20 
    Perfect or exceptional condition, trunk may be incomplete.
  • Condition : Decoration  - note: 14 to 16/20 
    Good condition, may have signs of wear and defects due to its many trips.

Modern baggage after 1959 is not affected by this classification.

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Malle2Luxe specializes in high-end second hand trunks: Louis Vuitton Goyard, Moynat and vintage bag Hermès


Strong of our experience in the market of accessories and luxury objects of occasions.


The renewed confidence of our prestigious clients such as museums, collectors, enthusiasts, professional dealers and antique dealers all over the world is for you the assurance of buying at the lowest price.

We advise for all purchases and create wonderful collections that extend and endure in time. They are transmitted from generation to generation.

In addition to being an investment for the future, these old traveling trunks are full of history as they have traveled the world by traveling by train, car, carriage or transatlantic cruise.

Today, trunks display and decorate with taste the most beautiful places: apartments, hotels, houses and villas. From the living room, through the bedroom, the dressing room, the office, the dining room and the bathroom ... they are everywhere.


The interior architects ripped them off. They become fashion objects, coffee table, bench, dressing table, storage box, bedside table, footboard, dressing room, pyramid and even work of art.


We prefer the following models: mail trunk, box trunk, wardrobe trunk, shoe trunk, hat trunk, scarf case, Alzer suitcase, vanity, Bisten, chair, toiletry kit, jewelry box and Watch case.

The variations of coated fabrics offer a wide range of patterns and colors: woven fabric, yellow or orange Vuittonite, natural cowhide leather. We also offer canvases such as the Damier canvas, the LV canvas, the herringbone Goyardine canvas and the Moynat monogram canvas that have become emblematic.

The finishes of the borders are multiple: lozine edge, steel, copper, brass, zinc, metal and leather.

Jewelery includes solid brass hardware: locks, clasps, Louis Vuitton engraved nails, corners and handles. Everything is polished "brilliant gilded" in order to restore all the brilliance of these antiquities.


All our items for sale are cleaned and repaired in our workshops ensuring a perfect aesthetic and functional state. Restorations are carried out in the pure tradition of the mythical trunks and respects the codes of the French know-how, certifying an incomparable quality.


We are known for the quality of our luggage and the seriousness of the House. In a desire for transparency, all our prices and all our services are posted on the site.


We are at your service to advise you.


All products are guaranteed authentic and valued.


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How to maintain your old trunk?

You have retrieved a trunk from an attic, you have bought a trunk which you display in your living room. How to use and maintain it without damaging it. Usage precautions.

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