Suitcase definition:

The suitcase is the evolution of the bag, it protects its contents thanks to a rigid frame.

old and modern Louis Vuitton cabin suitcase


The luggage is rectangular in shape, generally between 40 and 80 cm long.

The difference between a trunk and a suitcase is not the size, but the number of handles.

A trunk can be carried with at least 2 hands, therefore 2 handles, the suitcase can be carried with one hand, therefore 1 handle.


The suitcase is accepted by most companies as hand luggage to be put in the cabins of trains, boats, carts, or cars. They can also easily be stacked on trolleys or in box cars.



Louis Vuitton Bisten Alzer Vintage Collection Travel Suitcase Pyramid
  • Old leather suitcase:  Luggage series with a lock, created in 1880, these suitcases are entirely covered in leather.
  • Loziné suitcase:  Rigid series with sockets, covered with monogram canvas, corners, buckles, brass safety lock.

Model: Alzer, Bisten, Cotteville, Diplomat, President, Super President, Officer, jewelry box, Challenge.

  • Semi-rigid suitcase:  Semi-flexible rigid frame series, democratized in the 1970s, they are the ancestors of modern fiber and plastic luggage. they have  no collection value.

Model: Stratos 1 and 2, Satellite.

  • Modern suitcase with wheels:  Modern luggage that revolutionizes air travel, which can be in the cabin or in the hold.

Model: Pegasus 1 and 2, Zephyr, Horizon. 


Rigid series with socket entirely covered in leather. The corners are also made of leather. The leather can be vegetable tanned cowhide, epi, morocco, exotic leather. Leather handle.

The English are specialists in leather suitcases. The first produced by Louis Vuitton date back to the 1880s / 1890s, precisely to compete with the English.


The Loziné range:

Rigid series with sockets (or protective strips) on the edges. Corners, buckles, safety lock with strictly personal number. Leather handle.


alzer louis vuitton suitcase

Alzer suitcase

The design closest to a trunk, thanks to its studded peripheral belt.

Interior with two straps + an independent frame with two straps.


Standard dimensions: 

  • 80cm x 52cm x 22cm 
  • 75cm x 49cm x 22cm 
  • 70cm x 47cm x 22cm 
  • 65cm x 44cm x 22cm 
  • 60cm x 42cm x 22cm
  • 55cm x 39cm x 22cm

The English Alzer version is higher

  • 80 x 52 x 26

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Vintage Louis Vuitton bisten suitcase

Bisten suitcase

empty interior has 2 straps


Standard dimensions: 

  • 80cm x 52cm x 18cm 
  • 75cm x 49cm x 18cm 
  • 70cm x 47cm x 18cm 
  • 65cm x 44cm x 18cm 
  • 60cm x 42cm x 18cm
  • 55cm x 39cm x 18cm
  • 50cm x 37cm x 18cm

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Cotteville louis vuitton coin cartridge case catalog

Cotteville suitcase

Often confused with a president suitcase, or a Bisten.

The Cotteville suitcase is a small size from Bisten


Standard dimensions:

  • 55cm x 39cm x 15cm 
  • 50cm x 37cm x 15cm 
  • 45cm x 34cm x 15cm 
  • 40cm x 32cm x 15cm 

This model is accepted by most airlines as carry-on baggage.



identical to the Cotteville, it is the smallest model of Lozinée suitcase. This is a rifle cartridge case. Available in 2 versions: 300 and 200 cartridges


Standard dimensions: 

  • 35cm x 28cm x 15cm 
  • 24cm x 28cm x 15cm


Louis Vuitton suitcase cover


Dust cover

protection for Louis Vuitton suitcase. In black canvas, zip closure. 

Also available for the handle: handle cover.



Diplomat folder suitcase 


model produced between 1991 and 2017



Available in 2 sizes Reference monogram canvas: 

  • M53020 - 44 x 34 x 10 cm 
  • M53022 - 42 x 32 x 8.5 cm
Louis Vuitton Taiga diplomat suitcase


Diplomat suitcase

Dimensions: 42 cm x 32 cm x 8 cm


There are several interior finishes in Canvas LV but also in green Taiga and mahogany.



Louis Vuitton diplomat suitcase

Available in addition to interior fittings.


Louis vuitton president suitcase attaches case for diplomat


President suitcase

Size 1st edition from 1970 to 1985: 44 cm x 34 cm x 11 cm


Dimensions 2nd edition from 1985 until today: 45 cm x 35 cm x 11 cm


There are several interior finishes and is available in 3 interior fittings:


  • Large filing cabinet
  • Small filing cabinet
  • Strap in the file cover.

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Louis vuitton trunk super president diplomat


Super President suitcase 

Dimensions: 44 cm x 34 cm x 17 cm

The super president is higher than "the president" 


It comes as standard in 3 interior finishes depending on the period and 2 interior fittings:

  • Strap in the file cover.
  • False bottom system.


Louis Vuitton secret agent suitcase

Officer and secret agent suitcase

On the dimensions of a president's suitcase, the secret agent and officer model is made to special order


The first models of suitcase were ordered during the Second World War for war officers and secret agents.


It is the most secure suitcase produced by Louis Vuitton, worthy of a spy movie.

  • Very sober exterior for the past unnoticed.
  • Double locking locks, with two different keys for opening.
  • Numbering of the secret locks, different from the serial model, numbered 275 and 276. Which makes reproduction of the key impossible 
  • Interior system, in the upper part for counting the opening number has 5 digits.

This  triple  security  makes this suitcase completely inviolable.


Outside  :

Brown Vuittonite canvas, Lozine border

Calfskin handles

nails, corners, hardware, lock and clasps in polished solid brass.

1 key for each original lock 

Louis Vuitton old suitcase


Interior  :

Beige vuittonite canvas.

Back strap, vegetable tanned cowhide leather


Year: 1996


Dimension: 440 mm x 340 mm x 110 mm


Jewelry case - M47120 Louis Vuitton

Jewelry case - M47120 


Interpreted in Monogram canvas, this Jewelry Box is a refined travel accessory. With 13 compartments of different sizes, it is closed by an S lock and two latches.


Dimensions: 340 mm x 260 mm x 100 mm

Jewelry case - M47120 Louis Vuitton

Interior: Moroccan leather and velvet


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Challenge Louis Vuitton inovation 1985 suitcase


Louis Vuitton Challenge suitcase 

Louis Vuitton technology 


Men travel faster and faster and Louis Vuitton is sponsoring the America's Cup qualifying regattas. From this passion for challenges and technological research, "challenge" was born. An exceptional line that combines legend and innovation. Louis Vuitton tradition can be found there: practically inviolable multi-groove lock, handle in tinted leather; but the use of advanced materials (resins, glues, fibers), marks the birth of a new Louis Vuitton legend. Unfortunately this Louis Vuitton collection was a commercial failure. 

Challenge Louis Vuitton inovation 1985 suitcase


Year of production: 1984 to 1990


Saddle-style tinted leather handle


multi-groove lock. it has participated for a century in the glory of Louis Vuitton and the security of its luggage


Louis Vuitton always signs his luggage: corner motif in gilded brass, reinforcement and corners, buckles and locks.

Challenge Louis Vuitton inovation 1985 suitcase


Rigid suitcase with tray. Washable liner


Standard dimension:

  • 80 cm x 52 cm x 26 cm - M22011
  • 70 cm x 47 cm x 22 cm - M22016
  • 60 cm x 42 cm x 22 cm - M22021
  • 50 cm x 37 cm x 18 cm - M22026


The semi-rigid range:

Semi-flexible series with rigid frame. Corners, handle, cover and bottom reinforcement strips in natural leather. Brass buckles. Locked by padlock. Interior fabric.


Appeared in the 1930s in search of lightness, this luggage became more democratic in the 1970s, they are the ancestors of modern luggage in fiber or plastic. Very light but not very resistant because of their cardboard structure.


They are of little interest to collectors, and have no collector's value.


The plane arrives and a new civilization begins; that of leisure and trips that we improvise. Speed and lightness. Flexibility and solidity. Baggage of simple canvas that was placed at the bottom of suitcases acquired the status of full baggage.

They invade airplane cabins and the chests, reduced, of automobiles; they accompany the businessman, the elegant woman or the athlete. Flexible or semi-flexible, these luggage affirm the modernity of Louis Vuitton

Today the size of a cabin suitcase at Air France is 55 cm x 35 cm x 25 cm Louis Vuitton

From 1955 modern semi flexible suitcases, they exist in several sizes and several designs.


Respondents need lightness but are above all conditioned by new modes of transport: the plane!


Luggage dimensions have evolved like the compartments in aircraft cabins. 


Today the size of a cabin suitcase at Air France

55cm x 35cm x 25cm


Stratos louis vuitton semi rigid suitcase

Stratos case 1st edition


Year of production: 1975/1984


Semi-flexible series. Rigid frame. Corners, handle, reinforcement bands for the cover and the natural leather base. Brass buckles. Locked by padlock. Interior fabrics.


Semi-soft suitcase, interior, one pocket at each end

Standard dimensions:

  • 80cm x 52cm x 26cm
  • 70cm x 46cm x 22cm 
  • 60cm x 42cm x 18cm
  • 50cm x 38cm x 15cm

Aircraft cabin model

Accepted by Air France as cabin baggage

  • 55cm x 35cm x 20cm


Stratos cabin suitcase Louis Vuitton

Stratos suitcase 2nd edition

Year of production: 1984/1993


Semi-flexible suitcase with tray. Washable vuittonite interior

It has a new closure system removing the padlock, the straps are removed.


Standard dimensions:

Stratos 1990 suitcase


  • 80 cm x 52 cm x 26 cm - M23232
  • 70 cm x 46 cm x 22 cm - M23234
  • 60 cm x 42 cm x 18 cm - M23236
  • 50 cm x 38 cm x 15 cm - M23238


Aircraft cabin model

Accepted by Air France as cabin baggage, with an outside pocket

  • 50 cm x 38 cm x 20 cm - M23240


Stratos 1990 suitcase




Year of production: 1992 - 2009


Expandable semi-soft suitcase with rigid belt.




Standard dimensions:

  • 70 cm x 50 cm x 19 cm - M23350
  • 65 cm x 48 cm x 19 cm - M23352
  • 60 cm x 44 cm x 19 cm - M23354


Satellite model aircraft cabin

Accepted by Air France as cabin baggage

it has an outside pocket and a shoulder strap

  • 53cm x 38cm x 17cm



It was not until May 1998 that Louis Vuitton offered its first cabin suitcase with wheels, its name: Pégase


A revolution at Louis Vuitton, it will be an immediate success. 


1st generation Pégase suitcase


Year of production: 1998 - 2009


Suitcase with 2 wheels, with outside pocket

Removable garment bag 

Standard dimensions:

  • 70 cm x 42 cm x 24 cm - M23248
  • 57 cm x 37 cm x 19 cm - M23250
  • 50 cm x 36 cm x 18 cm - M23251



2nd Generation Pegasus Suitcase


Year of production: 2010 - Today


On a design very similar to the 1st generation, the evolution is nevertheless significant with a 35% reduction in its empty weight . Only available in one size, 2 models 


The high-end Pégase Légère suitcase is defined by an elegant silhouette inspired by the iconic Pegasus. Lightweight and luxurious, this suitcase for women is distinguished by its modern design, its larger interior volume and its lightweight lining. Refined in all circumstances, this luggage is the ultimate travel accessory.


Standard dimension: 

  • 38 cm x 55 cm x 20 cm - Volume: 31 L - Weight: 3.3 kg

Top handle

Handle on the side

Telescopic handle

Double zip closure

One zipped pocket on the front

Polyamide lining

Two interior zipped pockets

Interior compartment with two flaps and a zipped pocket

A coat hanger with hanger

Pégase Business model - airplane cabin

  • 38.0 x 55.0 x 20.0 cm - Volume: 34.5 liters - Weight: 3.9 kg

Dressed in an iconic Monogram canvas, the Pégase Légère Business is ideal for business trips. Combining luxury and elegance, this light cabin size suitcase has numerous compartments and zipped pockets that can accommodate a large number of personal effects.


Polyamide lining

Shiny metallic pieces in golden color

Telescopic handle

Compartment with double zipper that can accommodate a 15 "laptop and an iPad, with 2 pen loops

Top handle and side handle

Two interior zipped pockets and one interior compartment for receipts

1 protective flap to hold clothes, and clothes hanger with hanger




Louis Vuitton Zephyr suitcase 

Years of production: 2013 to 2016


Standard dimension:

  • 55 cm 
  • 70 cm




Louis Vuitton Horizon suitcase


Years of production: 2016 to present 


The result of the collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Marc Newson, the most influential industrial designer of his generation, this rolling hand luggage designed for the 21st century traveler is covered in the iconic canvas and fitted with a large aluminum cane. The canvas of this suitcase has been studied again to gain weight, the result is a revolution,  a weight that can finally compete with the giants of the suitcase like Samsonite 


Standard dimension: 

  • 50 cm x 36 cm x 19 cm - 2.8 kg
  • 55 cm x 38 cm x 21 cm - 3.2 kg
  • 68 cm x 46 cm x 26 cm - 4.6 kg


Ultra light canvas

Mesh lining

Cowhide trim

Aluminum metal parts

Large outdoor cane

Flat bottom interior

Two dividers with zipper, the left one with zipper pocket

Leather top and side handles

Leather corners

Zipper with TSA padlock

Four compact wheels 






bisten 60 louis vuitton 1935


Louis Vuitton Bisten 60 suitcase - LV pochoir 

Year: Around 1935

Exterior: Canvas LV stencil  Mark 5

Marbled beige vuittonite interior

Alzer suitcase the world of travel louis vuitton lozine 1950


Louis Vuitton Alzer 70 suitcase - LV pochoir 

Year: Around 1950

Exterior: LV stencil Mark 6 canvas 

Border: Lozine

Beige vuittonite interior 

bisten 50 louis vuitton 1958

Louis Vuitton Bisten 50 suitcase - LV pochoir 

Year: Around 1958

Exterior: LV stencil Mark 6 canvas 

Border: Lozine

Beige vuittonite interior 


Stratos Louis Vuitton suitcase - LV pochoir  

Year: 1958

Exterior: LV stencil Mark 6 canvas 

Interior: woven canvas

The very first Louis Vuitton semi-rigid suitcase

Alzer 80 louis vuitton epi suitcase


Louis Vuitton Alzer 80 suitcase - Epi

Year: 2001 

Exterior: Black epi leather

Border and corners: black leather

Interior: Gray microfiber suede 


Suitcase bisten louis vuitton epi blue


Louis vuitton Bisten 70 suitcase - Epi

Year: 2000

Exterior: Epi toledo blue 



Interior suitcase bisten leather louis vuitton epi 2000


Interior in vuittonite, and ribbon top

Cotteville Louis vuitton epi yellow suitcase


Louis Vuitton Cotteville 50 suitcase - Epi 

Year: 2002

Exterior: Epi Bassi Yellow

Border and corners: Yellow leather

Interior: Purple microfiber suede


Alzer louis vuitton checkered suitcase

Louis Vuitton Alzer 80 suitcase - Damier

Year: 2006

Exterior: Damier Azur pvc canvas

Trim: Vegetable leather 

Interior: beige pvc vuittonite

English Alzer version.


President suitcase leather 2010 natural cowhide vuitton diplomate


Louis Vuitton President suitcase - Leather

Year: around 2010

Exterior: Natural cowhide leather

Interior: Brown leather


Louis Vuitton box - LV stencil 

Year: Around 1935

Exterior: Canvas LV stencil  Mark 5

Vuittonite interior

Dimension: 19 cm x 34 cm x 34 cm



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