Workshop malle2luxe Paris - 2020
Workshop malle2luxe Paris - 2020

Sometimes the marks of time damage our dear trunks, some parts can be broken during their travels. And years later, we keep doing the same things to bring his objects back to life.


Our workshop works on the conservation, protection, restoration of heritage and enhancement of collections for museums and private collectors. 


Expert in Louis Vuitton ,  Goyard and Moynat trunks  ,   they no longer hold any secrets for us. 


Our goal is to recover the original appearance of the trunk before its last trip.


The work of the trunk-maker restorer requires perfect mastery of a wide range of skills. Our specialties come from the heritage of French know-how and are essential for an accomplished result.


We are  the only ones to be state graduates in traditional techniques . This knowledge is the  guarantee  of a restoration carried out in the rules of art.


State graduates, trained by companions, six years of teaching in the most rigorous traditional techniques  of woodworking  to acquire the most advanced skills in carpentry and cabinetmaking. 

With our experience in luxury interior design with our most demanding customers, we leave everything to devote ourselves to the restoration of old travel trunks.

La transmission d'un savoir-faire unique gainerie
La transmission d'un savoir-faire unique

We are trained in  leather work  in high-end upholstery with former craftsmen of the Maison  Hermès.


Gilbert Rotival , MOF ( Meilleur Ouvrier de France ) teaches us leather sheathing for the manufacture of high jewelry cases  and completes our knowledge   of luxury leather goods. 


Boilermaking to  shape brass  and solder it in the evening for adults and the work of the infinitely small in jewelry, jewelry and polishing of precious metals at the  prestigious Boulle school  to complete our training as Malletier.

We learn the  work of the fabric  from our upholsterer mother.


Our capacity for learning and our desire to progress are limitless to offer the most beautiful luggage restorations. We have more years of studies and cumulative degrees than a doctor surgeon.


Very quickly the quality of our restorations sets us apart from the competition and we become an essential reference in the middle of the collection trunk. 


This, after having worked for a time for German merchants and French antique dealers such as those at the flea market Marché Paul Bert Serpette, in Saint Ouen.


The world's largest collector of Louis Vuitton trunks, a Swede, has entrusted us with the expertise and restoration of his 400 Louis Vuitton trunks. A great adventure over 6 years, which strengthens our experience.


No subcontracting, the know-how of French craftsmanship in Paris. The gestures and materials have not changed.

When restoring, time does not count, only the result matters.

Baccalauréat Génie mécanique
Baccalauréat - Génie mécanique
CAP Menuiserie
CAP - Menuiserie agencement
Agent de maitrise Menuiserie
Agent de maitrise - Menuiserie
CAP - Chaudronerie
CAP - Chaudronerie
CAP Art et technique de la Bijouterie-Joaillerie
CAP - Bijouterie Joaillerie
BEP Electrotechnique
BEP - Electrotechnique
BP Menuiserie
BP - Menuiserie
Conducteur travaux - Menuiserie
Conducteur travaux - Menuiserie
CAP maroquinerie
CAP - Maroquinerie



In addition to our activity of restoration and conservation of antiquity, we realize tailor-made:


  • Jewelery boxes for fine  jewelry
  • Boxes 
  • Small  leather goods
  • Trunks and suitcase fittings
Ecrin bouddha
Ecrin à pipes
Valise pour montre sur mesure magnifique Louis Vuitton rolex
boite militaire pour 6 montres de luxe rolex



Giving a future to the past, we pay great attention to restoring Louis Vuitton, Goyard and Moynat trunks and suitcases.

By remaining the most faithful to the original, both by the materials used and by the implementation. 




Louis Vuitton 1885 zinc explorer cabin trunk
Louis Vuitton 1885 zinc explorer cabin trunk


It is a conversation that we have several times a week with novices or amateurs about the importance of restoring a trunk or not. Here are a few ways to become fully aware of a subject that is rarely discussed.


This expert article will help you see more clearly.


When we talk about the "restoration" of Louis Vuitton, Goyard , Moynat and Hermès collector's trunk , many people think of making it new !


You have to know how to qualify.

Cleaning of brass and zinc on a Louis Vuitton 1889 trunk
Cleaning of brass and zinc on a Louis Vuitton 1889 trunk

The verb  restore  means: 

Restore to its old state or to its original form.

Repair, renovate, restore in good condition (a work of art, a monument) respecting the original condition, the style. 

The act of keeping, keeping intact or in the same state.

The word restore therefore designates as well:

  • Light work

Like a simple dusting or polishing of brass.

  • Heavy work

Replacement of wood , replacement of destroyed brass part or repair of old restoration.


trunk aéro Louis Vuitton 1914
trunk aéro Louis Vuitton 1914

The answer is of course  YES  but under certain conditions. The main ones being: 

  • That the canvas is original unvarnished, neither waxed nor repainted
  • That the brasses are not brushed (or polished brushed)
  • That the leathers are in perfect condition.
  • That the restoration is carried out perfectly, respecting the rules of the art, inside as outside. 


Otherwise it will have the opposite effect. A bad restoration is detrimental to the value of a trunk . 




Now if the question is:


Moynat cabin trunk - Louis Vuitton cabin trunk - Goyard wardrobe trunk
Moynat cabin trunk - Louis Vuitton cabin trunk - Goyard wardrobe trunk


The answer is  NO , except for very rare models .


The price of a restoration is very important and it will be easier to sell the trunk cheaper as it is than more expensive, taking into account the price of the restoration.



restore trunk Louis Vuitton for museum


Even if these objects are old, even if they have a certain charm to resemble  a ruin , like the end of an auspicious period, a bygone time. The more the object is degraded the more it becomes mysterious, and the imagination takes over reality.


For a collector, a museum , a heritage institution it is inconceivable to have a precious, luxury object, damaged by an inadequate restoration, dirty and dilapidated and therefore not in conformity with the origin!


Mercedes-Benz 300 SL in its own juice
Mercedes-Benz 300 SL in its own juice

The wreckage of an old car leaves one dreaming. 


But any collector likes clean, healthy cars where the chrome is not pricked by rust rather than a wrecked car in its own juice.


In a collective imagination, restoration is harmful. Whereas if it is well done, it can sublimate objects from the past.

Mercedes-Benz 300 SL - 1955
Mercedes-Benz 300 SL - 1955

And against all popular belief, restoration is essential for conservation by stopping degradation.


Catering is a taboo subject. As if the unrestored object was virgin and pure, as if the dust and dirt were more pure and authentic. While the dust degrades the pigments and oxidation degrades the conservation of the object a little more. As if the act of restoring it damaged his identity. 

Rolex 1675 GMT vers 1972
Rolex 1675 GMT - 1972

In museums each object has been restored to its original state.


We are not trying to have a replica more beautiful than the origin, or a new object brought up to date with the finishes or colors of today's world.

For example, the brushed finish today is much more up to date than the shiny , but it will not do justice to these objects and their history, than to distort them and follow the fashion to be appreciated by a wider audience. public.


The restoration consists in finding the aesthetics of the object in the state in which it would have been if it had been kept in ideal conditions (protected from dust, humidity ...) and leave a heritage for future generations.




The most beautiful objects in the world have all been restored, whatever their era: 

  • Restoration of all Tutankhamun masks (-1345 to -1327 BC). Discovered in 1922.

Egyptian Museum in Cairo

Restoration of all Tutankhamun masks (-1345 to -1327 BC). Discovered in 1922.
Restoration of the statue of The Victory of Samothrace - around 190 BC.


  • Restoration of the statue of The Winged Victory of Samothrace - circa 190 BC. 

Louvre Museum 

Restoration of the painting of The Virgin, the Child Jesus of Saint Anne by Leonard de Vinci (1452 to 1512). Painted in 1501.


  • Restoration of the painting of The Virgin, the Child Jesus of Saint Anne by Leonard de Vinci (1452 to 1512). Painted in 1501. 

Louvre Museum

Restoration of a silver jug enhanced with gold (China, circa 1680-1685)
  • Restoration of a silver jug enhanced with gold (China, circa 1680-1685)

Which was offered to Louis XIV in 1686


before and after its restoration sponsorship of the LVMH group.


Castle of Versailles


We are restoring our luxury trunks Goyard, Moynat and Louis Vuitton for museums and collectors in the same vein, not to distort, to clean up the alterations of time to preserve and transmit the history of French know-how to future generations:

  • Rediscover the finishes of the shiny brass of yesteryear without brushing.
  • Clean to regain the shine of the canvaswithout repainting it .
Louis Vuitton aluminum trunk 1892


Louis Vuitton FULL aluminum explorer trunk Discover the incredible work of conservation in our workshops of this

 mail trunk  

from 1892 which is one of the most expensive in the world.

Louis Vuitton zinc trunk


Louis Vuitton Zinc and brass mail trunk from 1889. Cleaning and restoration in our workshops. 

Conclusion :

Place Vendôme Paris black and white photo around 1930
Place Vendôme Paris black and white photo around 1930

The fantasy of the object in perfect state of conservation having undergone no restoration is indeed a legend.


Trunks restored in perfect condition are more sought after and therefore negotiate better than those in their "juice".


The myth which implies that a trunk in "its own juice" is rarer and more sought after by collectors is maintained by many dealers.


For only economic reasons they do not restore their trunks and offer trunks in their "juice" by making the customer believe that they have more value because no one has touched them. Other merchants entrust the work to "handymen" who botch the work and destroy the heritage.

Likewise, the brasses are poorly restored through ignorance of techniques and not for the sake of keeping some charm in an old trunk .


Catering is a fully-fledged, subtle job, requiring extremely advanced learning, knowledge and skills that cannot be improvised.

old photo paris with a modern photo
  • What would the brushed Tutankhamun mask have looked like?
    • The victory of Samothrace shortbread?
    • The virgin, the baby Jesus of Saint Anne by Leonard de Vinci repainted? 

Malle2Luxe is committed for many years to the conservation, restoration and sale of collection of trunks within the rules of art and 

 knowledge  of  the craft  to the  French.



Our requirement is to  find the original appearance of the trunk before its last trip. Like a window on history.


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