old decorative trunk


Malletiers of yesterday and today they take us to another time.

Sometimes forgotten, sometimes revived and from time to time created.


Overview of the various other brands of old and modern trunks.

There were over a hundred manufacturers of travel trunks at the turn of the century in France. 


Of which other pages are entirely devoted to them.


In order not to lose their memories, we try to present the most famous and to introduce you to the newcomers:



old tourist trunk in paris

Tourist Trunks


In 1847, Michel Flandin founded the Maison Au Touriste.


Known addresses:

36 bis avenue de l'Opéra Paris

Opposite the Monte - Carlo post office 


A beautiful brand that offered filled bags, leather goods and a wide choice of automotive trunks as well as wardrobes, mail trunks, drawer trunks ...

old trunk to tourist

Of all qualities:


Low-end: basket trunk (wicker) covered with plain canvas.


Top of the range: woven checkered canvas with leather trim and brass jewelry. 

old mail trunk to tourist

We have referenced several fabrics affixed to their trunks:


Striped woven, checkered woven, plain coated, stencil monogram, green embossed ...


There are surely many more.


Some Lavoët trunks have the same fabric as Au Touriste trunks, which suggests a rapprochement of the two brands. 

old striped tourist trunk
star canvas old tourist trunk
old triangle tourist trunk
old green embossed canvas trunk


old lavoet trunk

Lavoët trunk


Founded in 1869, manufactures travel items.


Known address:

175 boulevard Haussmann Paris


Specialty of rush trunks, English trunks and clothes hangers, filled bag.


Some Au Touriste trunks have the same fabric as Lavoët, which suggests a connection between the two brands.

old lavoet trunk in paris
old trunk on Boulevard Haussmann wardrobe
old lavoet trunk in paris
old trunk monogram


old black poultry trunk

Lavolaille trunk


Founded in 1845, the Lavolaille house specializes in trunks for sales representatives, made of wood, fitted with strong handles and straps, with interior arrangements varying according to the objects, they are the ancestors of the "groundhog".


Often covered with black canvas, steel or brass border and decorative upholstery nails on the top or the face of the trunk.


Some trunks had studs signed "Lavolaille" like the studs "Louis Vuitton *"


old chicken trunk traveling salesman

Known addresses: 

2 rue de Bouloi Paris

3 rue Croix des Petits Champs Paris 

11 rue Croix des Petits Champs Paris 


Factory: Montrouge


Lavolaille succeeds Katz et Cie.


Later Lavolaille will join forces with  A Maille,  another trunks manufacturer specialized for commercial travelers.

old lavolaille trunk Katz and Compagny
old poultry mesh trunk


old trunk of the Louvre department stores

Louvre department store trunk


Created in 1855, by Alfred Chauchard and Auguste Hériot (Chauffard and Company establishment) the Galeries du Louvre  will be renamed  Grands Magasins du Louvre  in 1857 following the enlargement of the premises.


It is one of the first Parisian department stores, created only 3 years after the Bon Marché.


The logo engraved on the jewelry is a lion lying at the foot of a Giant letter L. This motif was registered.

old brass lion trunk


It seems that the manufacture of the trunks for the Louvre Department Stores was entrusted to the trunk maker "Au Touriste".


In 1974, the Louvre department stores closed for good


In 1978, the Louvre des Antiquaires was inaugurated.


In 2016, the Louvre des antiquaires is also closing


In 2024, it will give way to the Cartier Foundation, which will celebrate its 40th anniversary.


old trunk Moreau paris

The Moreau house was founded in  1882,  we have few archives on this French house.


Shop Address:

283 rue saint honoré Paris


Brand relaunched in 2011



old trunk Paul Romand

Paul ROMAND trunk


We have little information on this Parisian brand. 


They often use checkered canvas, leather edging, brass handles and solid brass jewelry. They have the particularity of not having nails on the belt of their trunks.

They also produced basketball trunks.


Workshop: 10 rue du 29 Juillet Paris

old trunk Paul romand fils 213 rue saint honoré paris


Known address:

213 rue Saint Honoré Paris


This address is mythical since it is the address where Mr. Maréchal was installed. It was from him that Louis Vuitton learned the trade of layetier and packager, he worked there for 17 years before founding his company in 1854.


From 1997 to 2017, it was the luxury store: Colette  who settled there to become the fashion benchmark.


Label Paul Romand fils:

To activity 

House founded in 1794

Manufactures of travel articles.

Specialty of cases 

Formerly Mermillod house

Packing cases and trunk marcker

Paul Romand Fils


213, rue saint-honoré 

Workshop: 10 rue du 29 Juillet Paris

Packaging of dresses and fashions, furniture, bronze and works of art etc etc



old trunk at the start

The u depart sign  was founded in 1871 by the Brothers Bertin.


Ernest  Bertin founded in 1871:  Bertin Fils  and specializes in the sale of weapons, ammunition, hunting and fishing. He died in 1905.


While his brother  Paul  founded in 1874  : Young Bertin  at 29 avenue de l'Opera in Paris, specializing in travel and small leather goods.

old trunk canvas at the start


The workshop will be located in Belleville in Paris.


Around 1900,  he created the cubic canvas, a 3-color pattern on a black background forming a geometric relief design.


In 1920 , Au Départ reached its peak under the leadership of François Bertin (son of Paul Bertin) who now runs the House.


In 1964, on the death of François Bertin, his son Alain took over the business.

old trunk label at the start Bertin young paris


In 1965, merger of Moynat and Au depart .

The shop at 29 avenue de l'Opéra closes its doors and it is now the double sign "Moynat Au Départ" which is operated in the historic shop of Moynat at n ° 1 of avenue de l'Opéra Paris.


Alain Bertin becomes Chairman and CEO of the new joint venture, while Maurice Coulembier is a director.

old mail trunk at departure


In 1976 Moynat - Au Départ  closed  its doors for good.


Brand relaunched in 2019



Louis Vuitton old emile rabec trunk

Emile Rabec trunk


Emile Rabec was Louis Vuitton's first apprentice in his studio rue du rocher in 1854.


In 1860 he managed a branch at number 65 avenue des champs-Elysées, Louis Vuitton sold him this branch later.


Indélicat Emile Rabec will continue to use the name "Maison Vuitton" and "Louis Vuitton" for his own trunks. But his trunks are nothing. 


Mainly in gray Trianon canvas and steel border, their manufacture is archaic.

old trunk e rabec vuitton


Known addresses:

65 avenue des Champs Elysées Paris 
57 avenue Marceau Paris 


E Rabec luc  


Secure packaging of the most fragile items


Specialty for fashion packaging.


In the trunk activity fic vuitton & Cie

Activity trunk


Label of a travel trunk manufacturer, which has no connection with the Louis Vuitton company but which uses his name.


Known addresses:

2 rue Madame Lafayette Havre


Workshop: 42 street from the landing stage 

In the trunk activity fic vuitton & Cie


To activity

FIC Vuitton & company

Packers, boxes, layetiers

Special manufacturing workshops for the manufacture of trunks & boxes for ladies.

Bronze medal 1868 crates for export

Maritime exhibition of the harbor, travel articles


old vuiton old trunk

Constant Vuiton trunk


Constant Vuiton is a friend of the Louis Vuitton family, he was even his wedding witness but has no connection with the Louis Vuitton trunks.


Known address:

23 rue Caumartin

27 rue Caumartin Paris


Workshop 26 rue Godot de Mauroy


The trunks are often covered with gray canvas and steel edging. 

old trunk constant Vuiton 27 rue Caumartin paris


Former Dubois house founded in 1816


Factory and store of travel goods 

Zinc and tinplate boxes for export



Billot & Lombard successor 


old bernard trunk

Appearing as an irreducible Gaul, La Malle Bernard is a family business over 4 generations, still in business.


In 1909  Jules BERNARD (1876-1949) settled under the name Jules Bernard.


The company specializes in luggage for sales representatives and automobile trunks.


 In 1930, deposits of the La Malle Bernard ® brand 

old bernard trunk for VRP or representative of the cinema industry


In 1950 Adrien Bernard (1906-1971) son of Jules registered the La Palourde  ® brand  cases and marmots in vulcanized fiber.


In 1971, when Adrien Bernard died, these two sons, Rémy and Dominique, took over the family business. 


In 1994 Eric, 4th generation joined the company. They relocate manufacturing to Coudres in Normandy.

modern suitcase the bernard trunk paris

Specialized among others in the manufacture of luggage for sales representatives (VRP), cases for musical instruments, show tools, sales, audiovisual and for the cinema. 


In 2000, they will expand their production to bespoke luxury luggage.


old miller's trunk are you sleeping?

Meunier trunks 


Manufacture of trunks, crates and marmots


Manufacturer specialized in travel articles 


Address :

34 Faubourg Poissonnière in Paris 


Successor foal 

old miller's trunk 34 rue du faubourg poissonnière


Special factory 

travel article 


Export commission



P. Duprey - Travel bazaar - Paul Ruquier - Variot - Carret - Malard - Bercher - Cosmopolitan




old innovation trunk



An American company created in 1898 by SW Bonsall, the brand produces large series of trunks, it even boasts of having the largest factory in Europe for travel items in the 1930s.


She will file numerous patents in France and abroad.


Its specialty being wardrobes (wardrobe trunk), it will also produce suitcases, cabin trunks, automobile trunks and other travel items.


They will also offer a range dedicated to interior fittings, walk-in closets and cupboards as well as musical items (portable phonograph, etc.)


Many wardrobe trunks from Innovation have a curved top to facilitate the evacuation of rain and also to identify its direction of opening.


old wardrobe innovation trunk

Known addresses:


2 rue de Sèze Paris

34 rue des Petits Champs Paris

10 rue Auber Paris

104 Champs Elysées Paris 

237, rue Saint Honoré Paris


329 5th Avenue New York

10 east 47th Street New York





53 New Bond St. London


Factory in USA: Bayess (New Jersey)


Factory in France: Vincennes


trunk old fire factory innovation

1931 - Fire at the Vincennes factory

Following the fire which destroyed its important factories in Vincennes, "INNOVATION" will liquidate with considerable sacrifices 3 million goods which suffered from the disaster.


Take advantage of this unique opportunity to equip yourself with quality luggage that will be admired and that will serve you faithfully for life.


The sacrificed stock includes:  
Wardrobe trunks, Chassis trunks, Portable trunks, Hat trunks, shoe trunks, Car trunk, Liner trunk, Leather, imitation leather and fiber clothes rack, Station cases, Canteens, Empty cases, Suitcases Stretch bags, Squaremouth bags, Laundry bags, Totes, Pencil cases, Picnics, Pharmacies, Saddle bags, etc 


Even if you don't immediately need one of these items. You have the greatest interest in taking advantage of this sensational sale. No matter how much you want to spend, you will find exactly what you want in the huge choice available to you.


The sale takes place in the basement of the store.


We can no longer find traces of this brand from the 60s.


old trunk patented innovation
old innovation trunk
innovation old trunk paris New York London


old trunk Oshkosh Trunk Compagny

Founded in 1898 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin (USA), the company produced its first trunks called "Chief" (Indian chief) covered with red and yellow striped canvas.


Their logo represents the Indian chief of the Menominee tribe "Os-kosh" (1795 - 1858), which means "claw" and which will give its name to the town of Oshkosh in Wisconsin.


In 1902 the company was named  The Oshkosh Trunk Compagny.


In 1919,  Belber Trunk & Bag  acquired the Oshkosh Trunk Co.

old trunk Oshkosh Trunk Compagny

In 1920, a factory, as well as offices and boutique were established on Arch Street in Philadelphia and became  the world's largest manufacturer of travel goods.


In 1939 The  Oshkosh Trunk Company  was acquired by the  Plotkin Brothers Company , a Chicago company.

The Plotkin Brothers companies owned several other luggage companies.


1961 the Oshkosh plant closes following a difficult period.


1962 Oshkosh Trunk Compagny disappears.


In 2014, the Oshkosh Trunk company was relaunched by a company called  Chief TrunkThe name refers to the Indian chief and the striped canvas refers to the heyday of the brand. The label's intellectual property rights had expired, falling into the public domain. 

old american trunk


Patent pending

Between 1912 and 1949 Oshkosh Trunk Co filed more than 28 patents for its trunks

They are proudly referenced on a plate riveted to the trunk, a good way to date your trunk.



old american indian trunk
old trunk with silver metal handle
old black and white advertising trunk wardrobe


old hartmann trunk

Hartmann trunks


Since its creation in 1877 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Hartmann has produced many trunks, including a large number of wardrobes in the 1920s and 1930s, and has been a major player in the United States.


Acquired in 2012 by Samsonite to embody the group's high-end luggage in Europe.



Wheary - Neverbreak  




Pinel & pinel trunk

The French company Pinel & Pinel works in the manufacture and sale of luxury products, particularly in the fields of leather goods and contemporary mallery.


In 1998 Fred Pinel creates the company Pinel & Pinel which develops accessories for smokers and small leather goods.


In 2002, he was noticed for the manufacture of cigar cases for sale at Colette and achieved great success. 


Pinel & pinel trunk Michael jordan paris 2006 air jordan nike

In 2004 , Pinel & Pinel designed its first trunks.


In 2006, Pinel & Pinel stood out for their collaboration with Nike, by making a black and red grained leather trunk, comprising the collection of twenty-two pairs of Air Jordan shoes, a bang and Olufsen flat screen, and a DVD player. . The interior is signed by Michael Jordan himself!

Dimension: 204 cm x 120 cm x 70 cm

Sold for 70,294 euros at Artcurial on November 27, 2006


Contemporary Pinel & Pinel trunk shop

They will create the signed cross canvas: Pinel & Pinel available in several colors.


The workshops are in Paris.


It is a great success for a brand of contemporary trunks.


Pinel & Pinel now has 5 stores all over the world.


Paris - Texas - Japan - Macao - Hong Kong


Created in 2009 by Julien TROSSAT engineer by training who was his weapons at Louis Vuitton for 3 years.

2015  opening of their first boutique at 32 avenue de Matignon 75008 Paris.


A prestigious address which portends a beautiful trip.

Created in 2009 by Julien TROSSAT engineer by training who was his weapons at Louis Vuitton for 3 years.

TT Trunks was created in 2009 by  Julien Trossat, an engineer by training, he worked for 3 years at Louis Vuitton.


Creator of contemporary trunks, practically all electrified and mounted on casters.


All of the trunks are made in Spain.


The clientele for these trunks is mainly:

  • The hotel industry
  • The decorators
  • The stores
  • Some foreign individuals (American, Chinese and Middle Eastern.)

Unfortunately, following the coronavirus, the shop is closing in October 2020.




birth-of-the-first-rounded-trunks French


Birth of curved trunks, wooden chests and credenzas

To understand the history of  Louis Vuitton ,  Goyard ,  Moynat and Hermès luxury trunks from   the end of the 19th century, we must understand the history of the old chests which led man to create these refined objects. The history of chests goes back to the  beginning of human history  on the 7 continents, it is the first piece of furniture made by man. 

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