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You have found  an old rounded or flat trunk in  your attic , it is  old and weathered by time. The   coated canvas ,  wood ,  leather  and  metal  are covered in  dust . Malletiers  of yesterday and today take us to another time.  Sometimes forgotten, sometimes relaunched and from time to time created, so as not to  lose their memory, we try to present you the most famous manufacturers of old trunks and to introduce you to the newcomers. 
Thanks to this article, you will  discover all the secrets  of your old trunk which hides many  treasures . Each entry, each detail, however small, will allow you to learn more about its history, we will explain how.


The number of handles determines the model. 
  • Trunk  :  Light wooden luggage,  covered with canvas, interior and exterior . Equipped with a lock and clasps. The trunk has a  handle on each side for  easy loading and handling.
  • Suitcase  : The same function as the trunk, smaller, it has only one handle.


An anonymous trunk   designates all the old trunks whose manufacturer's reputation is weak to the point of having fallen into anonymity.
 Sommary :
  • Introduction
  • Domed trunk 
  • Flat trunk
  • French manufacturers
  • American  manufacturers 
  • Contemporary manufacturers

logo marking lock sun clasp initial bike boat anchor


There were more than a hundred manufacturers of travel trunks at the beginning of the last century in France and several thousand in the world. If despite having searched everywhere you do not find any label or inscription, it is because the little-known manufacturer did not wish to display the  name of his company . Many anonymous trunks are covered with patterned canvas like the checkered canvas, and even if the trunk you found strongly resembles a branded trunk: Louis VuittonGoyardHermès and Moynat.  The absence of a marking on the trunk sign that your property does not belong to one of these 4 brands.


symbol on old bronze trunk lock patent filed vintage clasp


If Louis Vuitton, Goyard and Moynat stamp their clasps and locks, it is common to find on other trunk brands  a hallmark  on a lock, a clasp or any element in steel or brass, sometimes accompanied by initials, a small logo or the words " deposited ", " safety ", " patented sgdg " (on English and American trunks " patent ", " registered pattern "). 
It is not the logo of the trunk manufacturer, but the logo   of the hardware and lock supplier . A very popular one is a logo in the shape of a rectangle which belongs to the company Defontaine, Dubois & Cie, domiciled at 17 rue des Terres au Curé in the 13th arrondissement in Paris. Another of these very popular manufacture which offered nails, locks, corners, brackets, hinges and any other element to manufacture travel articles  in France is the company "Compagnie des clous  AU SOLEIL", whose symbol was a sun, wholesaler it supplied many manufacturers of anonymous trunks between 1910 and 1960. Installed at n ° 75-79 Boulevard Richard Lenoir 75011 Paris. 
There were other jewelry manufacturers in France, such as: HB, LP, DFes, SJ, Fichet 
price of old trunks


These anonymous trunks whose design is  inspired  by luxury trunks have no collection value    but have the advantage of decorating your interiors for a few euros. To buy second-hand on Le Bon Coin, there is no "argus" or "quotation for old trunks", the price is low, from  50 euros  for an ordinary model to  500 euros  for the most beautiful models in perfect condition. 
Read our article on  :  What is the value of a luxury trunk?
Initials old trunk hotel label


The initials or personalization  on the side of the trunk are those of the owner. 



The labels  of hostels, or  train  allow to date the period of his  travels  and  vacation spot .


Wells Fargo - Stagecoach
Wells Fargo - Stagecoach

The history of trunks is closely linked to horse-drawn travel (animal drawn car). It was not until 1780 to see the first passenger transport companies appear, but they were reserved for an elite. The vastness of the spaces of North America popularized the stagecoaches of various companies, the most famous being the Wells Fargo founded in 1852. The convex trunk meets this new need for travel. Unlike the safe, its purpose is no longer to be a piece of furniture in the house but to be used exclusively to move personal effects during trips. Placed on the roofs of cars, the first domed trunks must now be light and waterproof to protect their contents from bad weather.



As the trunks are not protected from the elements, the cover is curved in both directions so that the rain can flow on either side. The vault also increases the strength of the lid, as does a bridge or barrel (wine barrel).

antique Louis Vuitton domed trunk, circa 1860 Trianon canvas, wood, iron, paper
Louis Vuitton, circa 1860



The luxury houses Louis Vuitton and Goyard produced domed, rustic-made trunks with black painted tin trim.

Anonymous trunk, rural manufacture, circa 1850 Wood, goatskin, steel
Malle anonyme, fabrication rurale, vers 1850



Old curved trunk covered with long-haired skin. 

Can be covered with goatskin, wild boar or other game to protect the contents from bad weather. 

America trunk, circa 1870
America trunk, circa 1870



The American trunk  is a sturdy trunk fitted with ornate decorative  iron fittings Often covered with embossed metal strip.

Moynat trunk, circa 1873
Moynat trunk, circa 1873



Invented in England the basket trunk (basket) has a wicker structure allowing a significant weight gain, it is covered with tarred canvas. The English trunk is lighter and less expensive than wood.


Old curved and flat wooden trunk


1860 the start of a new era, it is a revolution , the flat trunks adapt to the mode of transport. More light , less bulky , they can be stacked in the wagon trains and bilge liners. They gradually make bulging trunks disappear .  D ' origin all trunks  travel are  covered , to protect the contents from dust, insects and moisture.  There is therefore no rounded or flat trunk in raw wood.  Many trunks have been  denatured by removing the original canvas to leave the wood visible.

old trunk


Around 1870 Louis Vuitton, Goyard and Moynat understood that it was necessary to create trunks that were at the same time innovative, arranged,  light and aesthetic Arranged as a showcase  highlighting French know-how, nothing is too beautiful, it is the beginning of luxury trunks.

Automobile trunk


At the end of the 19th century, automobiles did not fit into their storage bodywork. The car chassis was bought on its own  and then entrusted to a coachbuilder, the upholstery to a saddler ... the trunks for their part were entrusted to the trunk maker.


The words "Chest" and "Trunk" will continue on modern motor vehicles designating the storage compartment, located outside the passenger compartment, its main access is from the outside. 

Anonymous ringed trunk, circa 1960
Anonymous ringed trunk, circa 1960




The circled trunk is an inexpensive trunk , produced until the 1970s. The slats are often beech. 

old military trunk
Military trunk, circa 1914



Military trunk to store and deliver ammunition, weapons of war and other living on the battlefield.

Camphor tree trunk, circa 1940
Camphor tree trunk, circa 1940


The camphor wood chest   is essential for the conservation of  furs , the peculiar smell persists for several years. This insect repellent repels moths. Assembly of solid wood planks with  dovetail , brass corners and hinges.  Some call it "naval officer chests" but the name is fanciful. Louis Vuitton and Goyard fur with camphor wood


Tip  : This wood is never varnished or waxed of origin, just like cedar wood


 it is left raw so as not to trap the aromas that keep pests away. It is therefore obvious not to varnish it above all.


anonymous old trunk in vulcanized fiber, circa 1950
anonymous trunk in vulcanized fiber, circa 1950



Around 1900, the first vulcanized fiber trunks appeared  The Louis Vuitton House will make this material famous with its trade name: Lozine. Which it will use mainly to protect the edges of the luggage, replacing leather and metal. The other manufacturers will manufacture luggage entirely with this material. 

Old trunk covered with parchment
Anonymous parchment trunk, circa 1960



Old leather trunk covered with parchment, light beige color.

Cardboard suitcase, circa 1970
Cardboard suitcase, circa 1970



From 1936 and the first paid holidays in France, the production of luggage with cardboard structure exploded, in order to reduce the cost of production and satisfy a wider clientele wishing to go on vacation. 


Even Louis Vuitton will do it at the end of the 50s, with its semi-rigid suitcase with cardboard structure like its Stratos models, then Satellite produced until 2000.


Au Touriste

old trunk au touriste Paris French

Trunk Au Touriste


n 1847, Michel Flandin founded the Maison Au Touriste. 


Known addresses: 

36 bis avenue de l'Opéra Paris 

Opposite the Monte - Carlo post office  


A beautiful brand that offered filled bags, leather goods and a wide choice of automotive trunks as well as wardrobes, mail trunks, drawer trunks ...

old trunk au touriste French


Of all qualities: low-end, basket (wicker) trunk covered with plain canvas. 


Premium: woven checkerboard canvas with leather trim and brass hardware. 

old trunk French courier mail au touriste

We have referenced several canvases affixed to their trunks: 


Striped woven, woven checkerboard, plain coated, stenciled monogram, green embossed ... 


There are surely many more. 


Some Lavoët trunks have the same fabric as the Au Touriste trunks, which suggests a merger of the two brands. 

old striped trunk au touriste
star canvas old trunk au touriste
old triangle trunk au touriste
old green embossed canvas trunk

aux etats unis

trunk in the united states old Louis Vuitton

Founded around 1897 in Paris by Mr Deraisme, despite the surprising name " Aux Etats Unis " is a brand of French trunks.  


Family business, father and mother, then son Deraisme took care of it: 

In the USA :

Retail trade & Leather goods and travel items


The baggage brand In the United States set up its store at:  229 rue Saint Honoré 75001 Paris.


"In the United States" will have its hours of glory, the address is prestigious close to the Hermes, Moynat, Goyard boutique and the Marshal's workshop (where Louis Vuitton was apprenticed).

Old trunk in the United States Louis Vuitton Lorient canvas coated inlay

The production of trunks is quite important, made in the backyard of the shop which serves as a production workshop, part of the leather goods are manufactured under contract. 


Coated canvas In the United States:

Brown canvas printed with orange diamonds very inspired by the canvas with the mythical monogram of the Maison Louis Vuitton, both by the colors and the pattern. The canvas was made by the company "Lorient L'incrusta".

Old trunk in the United States Louis Vuitton

In 1942, when the father died, the son took over the family business, still accompanied by his mother. After the war, customer demand changed, and the house in the United States had to reinvent itself with more upscale products in a niche market. The house in the United States will then specialize in the welfare of domestic animals and their wealthy owners.


Having no buyer, the brand In the United States  disappeared definitively in the 80s, and will fall into oblivion. Gilbert Rotival our master Gainier - Leather goods maker and friend, was for more than 30 years a subcontractor of the son Deraisme.


old lavoet trunk

Lavoët trunk


Founded in 1869, manufactures travel items. 


Known address: 

175 boulevard Haussmann Paris 


Specialty of rush trunks, English trunks and clothes hangers, filled bag. 


Some Au Touriste trunks have the same fabric as Lavoët, which suggests a connection between the two brands.

old trunk lavoet paris
old wardrobe trunk boulevard Haussmann
old trunk lavoet paris
old trunk monogram


trunk lavolaille old black

Trunk Lavolaille

Founded in 1845, the Lavolaille house specializes in trunks for sales representatives, made of wood, fitted with strong handles and straps, with interior arrangements varying according to the objects, they are the ancestors of the "marmot". 


Often covered with black canvas, steel or brass border and decorative upholstery nails on the top or face of the trunk. 


Some trunks had nails signed "Lavolaille" like the nails "Louis Vuitton *"


old Lavolaille mesh trunk traveling salesman

Known addresses:  

2 rue de Bouloi Paris 

3 rue Croix des Petits Champs Paris  

11 rue Croix des Petits Champs Paris  


Factory: Montrouge 


Lavolaille succeeds Katz et Cie. 


Lavolaille later joined forces with  A Maille,  another trunks manufacturer specializing in commercial travelers.

old trunk lavolaille Katz et compagny
old trunk a maille lavolaille

Grands magasins du Louvre

malle ancienne des grands magasins du Louvre

Trunk Grands magasins du Louvre


Created in 1855, by Alfred Chauchard and Auguste Hériot (Chauffard et Compagnie), the Galeries du Louvre  will be renamed  Grands Magasins du Louvre  in 1857 following the expansion of the premises.


It is one of the first Parisian department stores, created only 3 years after the Bon Marché. 


The logo engraved on the jewelry is a lion lying at the foot of a Giant letter L. This motif was registered.

old brass lion trunk French Paris


It seems that the manufacture of the trunks of the Louvre Department Stores was entrusted to the trunk maker "Au Touriste". 


In 1974, the Louvre department stores closed for good.


In 1978, the Louvre des Antiquaires was inaugurated. 


In 2016, the Louvre des antiquaires is also closing 


In 2024, it will make way for the Cartier Foundation, which will celebrate its 40th anniversary.


malle ancienne Moreau paris

Trunk Moreau

The Moreau house was founded in  1882,  we have few archives on this French house.


Shop Address: 

283 rue saint honoré Paris 


Brand relaunched in 2011.  Discover the history of Moreau Paris trunks.

Paul Romand

Old trunk Paul romand

Trunk Paul ROMAND


We have little information on this Parisian brand. Old decorative trunk.


They often use checkered canvas, leather trim, brass handles and solid brass jewelry. They have the particularity of not having nails on the belt of their trunks.

They also produced basketball trunks.


Workshop: 10 rue du 29 Juillet Paris

old trunk Paul romand fils 213 rue saint honoré paris


Known address: 

213 rue Saint Honoré Paris 


This address is mythical since it is the address where Mr. Maréchal was installed. It was from him that Louis Vuitton learned the trade of layetier and packager, he worked there for 17 years before founding his company in 1854.


From 1997 to 2017, it was the luxury store: Colette  who settled there to become the fashion benchmark.


Label Paul Romand fils:

To activity  

House founded in 1794 

Manufactures of travel articles. 

Checkout specialty  

Formerly Mermillod House 

Packing cases and trunk marcker 

Paul Romand Fils 


213, rue saint-honoré  

Workshop: 10 rue du 29 Juillet Paris 

Wrapping of dresses and fashions furniture, bronze and works of art etc etc

Au Départ

old trunk Au Départ

Trunk Au départ

The Au Départ was founded in 1871 by the Bertin Brothers.


Ernest  Bertin founded in 1871:  Bertin Fils  and specializes in the sale of weapons, ammunition, hunting and fishing. He died in 1905.


While his brother  Paul  founded in 1874  : Bertin Jeune  at 29 avenue de l'Opéra in Paris, specializing in travel articles and small leather goods.

canvas trunk old au départ


The workshop will be installed in Belleville in Paris. 


Around 1900,  he created the cubic canvas, a 3-color pattern on a black background forming a geometric design in relief.


In 1920 , Au Départ reached its peak under the leadership of François Bertin (son of Paul Bertin) who now runs the House.


In 1964, when François Bertin died, his son Alain took over the business.

old trunk label at the start Bertin young Paris Au départ


In 1965, Moynat and Au Départ merged .

The boutique at 29 avenue de l'Opéra is closing its doors and it is now the double brand "Moynat Au Départ" which is operated in the historic Moynat shop at n ° 1 avenue de l'Opéra Paris. 


Alain Bertin becomes Chairman and CEO of the new joint venture, while Maurice Coulembier is a director.

old mail trunk au départ


In 1976 Moynat - Au Départ  closed  its doors for good.


Brand relaunched in 2019. Discover the history of trunks At the start.

Emile Rabec

old trunk emile rabec Louis Vuitton

Trunk Emile Rabec


Emile Rabec was Louis Vuitton's first apprentice in his studio rue du rocher in 1854. 


In 1860 he will manage a branch at number 65 avenue des champs-Elysées, Louis Vuitton will transfer this branch to him later. 


Indélicat Emile Rabec will continue to use the name "Maison Vuitton" and "Louis Vuitton" for his own trunks. But his trunks are not.  


Mainly in gray Trianon canvas and steel edging, their manufacture is archaic.

old trunk rabec vuitton


Known addresses: 

65 avenue des Champs Elysées Paris 
57 avenue Marceau Paris  


E Rabec luc   


Secure packaging of the most fragile items 


Specialty for fashion packaging.

A L'Activité

A l'activité trunk old french vuiton & Cie

Trunk A L'Activité


Label of a travel trunk manufacturer which has no connection with the Louis Vuitton company but which uses his name. 


Known addresses: 

2 rue Madame Lafayette Havre 


Workshop: 42 street from the landing stage 


Atelier : 42 rue du débarcadère 

A l'activité trunk vuiton & Cie


To activity 

FIC Vuitton & company 

Packers, gift boxes, layetiers 

Special manufacturing workshops for the manufacture of trunks & boxes for ladies. 

Bronze medal 1868 boxes for export 

Maritime exhibition of the harbor, travel articles

Constant Vuiton

old trunk constant vuiton French

Constant Vuiton trunk

 Constant Vuiton is a friend of the Louis Vuitton family, he was even his wedding witness but has no connection with the Louis Vuitton trunks. 


Known address: 

23 rue Caumartin 

27 rue Caumartin Paris 


Atelier 26 rue Godot de Mauroy also exists with the spelling Mauroi. 


The trunks are often covered with gray canvas and steel edging. 

old trunk constant Vuiton 27 rue Caumartin paris


Former Dubois house founded in 1816 

Factory and store of travel goods  

Zinc and tinplate boxes for export 


Billot & Lombard successor 

contant Vuiton old trunk

23, rue Caumartin, 23 

Opposite same Street 32 

Former Dubois House 

Founded in 1816 

Factory & Travel Store 

Constant vuiton 

Customs formalities. Shipping


Workshop rue Godot de Mauri, 26 

M. Goyard

old M goyard trunk Tivoli Paris saint lazare

Coffre M. Goyard


Mr. Goyard is at passage Tivoli, 12 bis, near the Saint-Lazare station. packer box maker, has no connection with the company of Goyard trunk maker ,  created by François Goyard in 1853.


Manufactures of dress boxes, hat boxes for ladies, laundry boxes and boxes for men 


Shipments in the provinces and abroad formalities for French and foreign customs.

 Passage tivoli, 12 bis, près de la gare saint lazare ( Paris)   M. Goyard  Coffretier - emballeur Breveté s. g. d. g.


Passage tivoli, 12 bis, near saint lazare station (Paris)  


Mr. Goyard  

Boxer - packer 

Patented sgdg



fake old trunk Goyard

Old Goyard box


Goyard  is located at 18 rue du Louvre in Paris. packer box maker, has no connection with the business of trunk maker Goyard Ainée ,  created by François Goyard in 1853. 



The boxes of this Goyard from the rue du Louvre are on the outside in raw wood with the belt and the inside in green paper, the closure is secured by a leather strap. 

18, Rue du Louvre Factory of Travel Article Goyard Emballeur shipper Paris


18, Rue du Louvre 

Travel Item Factory 


Shipper packer  


La malle Bernard

old trunk Paris bernard

Acting as an irreducible Gaul, La Malle Bernard is a family business spanning 4 generations, still in operation.


In 1909  Jules BERNARD (1876-1949) settled under the name Jules Bernard.


The company specializes in luggage for sales representatives and automobile trunks. 


 In 1930 deposits of the La Malle Bernard ® brand 

old bernard trunk for vrp or cinema industry representative


In 1950 Adrien Bernard (1906-1971) son of Jules registered the La Palourde  ® brand  cases and marmots in vulcanized fiber.


In 1971, when Adrien Bernard died, these two sons, Rémy and Dominique, took over the family business.  


In 1994 Eric, 4th generation joined the company. They relocate manufacturing to Coudres in Normandy.

modern suitcase the bernard paris trunk


Specialized among other things in the manufacture of luggage for sales representatives (VRP), cases for musical instruments, entertainment, sales, audiovisual and cinema tools.  


In 2000, they will expand their production to bespoke luxury luggage.


old miller's trunk do you sleep?

Meunier trunks 


Manufacture of trunks, crates and marmots 


Manufacturer specializing in travel items  


Address : 

34 Faubourg Poissonnière in Paris  


Successor foal 

old miller's trunk 34 rue du faubourg poissonnière


Special factory  

travel item  


Export commission



P. Duprey -  Bazar du voyage - Paul Ruquier - Variot - Carret - Malard - Bercher - Cosmopolitan - Transatlantique




old trunk innovation

Innovation trunk


An American company created in 1898 by SW Bonsall, the brand produced large series of trunks, it even boasts of having the largest travel goods factory in Europe in the 1930s. 


She will file numerous patents in France and abroad. 


Its specialty being wardrobes (wardrobe trunk), it will also produce suitcases, cabin trunks, automobile trunks and other travel items. 


They will also offer a range dedicated to interior fittings, dressing rooms and cupboards as well as musical items (portable phonograph, etc.) 


Many wardrobe trunks from Innovation have a rounded top to facilitate the evacuation of the rain and also to identify its opening direction.

old trunk innovation wardrobe

Known addresses:


2 rue de Sèze Paris 

34 rue des Petits Champs Paris 

10 rue Auber Paris 

104 Champs Elysées Paris  

237, rue Saint Honoré Paris 


329 5th Avenue New York 

10 east 47th Street New York 





53 New Bond St. London 


Factory in USA: Bayess (New Jersey) 


Factory in France: Vincennes

old factory fire trunk innovation

1931 - Fire at the Vincennes factory

Following the fire which destroyed its important factories in Vincennes, "INNOVATION" will liquidate with considerable sacrifices 3 million goods which suffered from the disaster.


Take advantage of this unique opportunity to equip yourself with quality luggage that will be admired and that will serve you faithfully for life.


The sacrificed stock includes:  
Wardrobe trunks, Frame trunks, Portable trunk, Hat and shoe trunks, Car trunk, Ocean liner trunk, Leather, imitation leather and fiber clothes rack, Station cases, Canteens, Empty cases, Suitcases Stretch bags, Squaremouth bags, Laundry bags, Tote bags, Pencil cases, Picnics, Pharmacies, Saddle bags, etc. 


Even if you don't immediately need one of these items. You have the greatest interest in taking advantage of this sensational sale. No matter how much you want to spend, you will find exactly what you want in the enormous choice available to you.


The sale takes place in the basement of the store.


We can no longer find traces of this brand from the 60s.

old trunk patented innovation
old innovation trunk
innovation old trunk paris New York London

The Oshkosh Trunk Compagny

old Oshkosh Trunk compagny

Founded in 1898 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin (USA), the company produced its first trunks called "Chief" (Indian chief) covered with red and yellow striped canvas. 


Their logo represents the Indian chief of the Menominee tribe "Os-kosh" (1795 - 1858), which means "claw" and which will give its name to the town of Oshkosh in Wisconsin. 


In 1902, the company was named  The Oshkosh Trunk Compagny.


In 1919,  Belber Trunk & Bag  acquired the Oshkosh Trunk Co.

old Oshkosh Trunk compagny

In 1920, a factory, as well as offices and shop were established on Arch Street in Philadelphia and became  the world's largest manufacturer of travel goods.


In 1939 The  Oshkosh Trunk Company  was acquired by the  Plotkin Brothers Company , a Chicago company.

The Plotkin Brothers companies owned several other luggage companies.


1961 the Oshkosh plant closes following a difficult period. 


1962 Oshkosh Trunk Compagny disappears. 


In 2014, the Oshkosh Trunk company was relaunched by a company called  Chief TrunkThe name refers to the Indian chief and the striped canvas refers to the heyday of the brand. The label's intellectual property rights had expired, falling into the public domain. 

old american trunk


Patent pending

Between 1912 and 1949 Oshkosh Trunk Co filed more than 28 patents for its trunks

They are proudly referenced on a plate riveted to the trunk, a good way to date your trunk.



old american indian trunk
malle ancienne poignée métallique argenté
old trunk black and white advertising wardrobe


old trunk hartmann

Hartmann trunks


Since its creation in 1877 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Hartmann has produced many trunks including a large quantity of wardrobes in the 1920s and 1930s, he is a major player in the United States. 


Acquired in 2012 by Samsonite to embody the group's high-end luggage in Europe.



Wheary - Neverbreak  



Pinel & Pinel

Pinel & pinel trunk

The French company Pinel & Pinel works in the manufacture and sale of luxury products, particularly in the fields of leather goods and contemporary briefcases. 


In 1998 Fred Pinel creates the company Pinel & Pinel which develops accessories for smokers and small leather goods. 


In 2002, he was noticed for the manufacture of cigar cases for sale at Colette and achieved great success. 

Pinel & pinel trunk Michael jordan paris 2006 air jordan nike

In 2004 , Pinel & Pinel designed its first trunks.


In 2006, Pinel & Pinel stood out for their collaboration with Nike, by making a black and red grained leather trunk, comprising the collection of twenty-two pairs of Air Jordan shoes, a bang and Olufsen flat screen, and a DVD player. . The interior is autographed by Michael Jordan himself!

Dimension: 204 cm x 120 cm x 70 cm 

Sold for 70,294 euros at Artcurial on November 27, 2006


Pinel & Pinel contemporary trunk boutique

They will create the signed crisscross canvas: Pinel & Pinel available in several colors. 


The workshops are in Paris. 


It is a great success for a brand of contemporary trunks. 


Pinel & Pinel now has 5 stores all over the world.


Paris - Texas - Japan - Macao - Hong Kong

T.T. Trunks

Created in 2009 by Julien TROSSAT engineer by training who was his weapons at Louis Vuitton for 3 years.

TT Trunks was created in 2009 by  Julien Trossat, an engineer by training, he worked for 3 years at Louis Vuitton.


Creator of contemporary trunks, practically all electrified and mounted on casters. 


All the trunks are made in Spain. 


The customers for these trunks are mainly: 

  • Hotel industry 
  • The decorators 
  • The stores 
  • Some foreign individuals (American, Chinese and Middle Eastern.)
Created in 2009 by Julien TROSSAT engineer by training who was his weapons at Louis Vuitton for 3 years.

2015  opening of their first boutique at 32 avenue de Matignon 75008 Paris.


A prestigious address that portends a beautiful trip. 


Unfortunately, following the coronavirus, the shop is closing in October 2020.


old trunk vintage trunk


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