Are you planning to acquire a new  collection trunk from  the luxury houses  Louis Vuitton ,  Goyard,  Moynat  or  Moreau  ?


Great: this is a crucial moment   and a   very important decision !


But  before buying , it would be better to  check  these  10 essential elements , so as not to have any  unpleasant surprises  once you get home…!



  • As is  (and will therefore need to be cleaned or restored)
  • Restored in  perfect condition  (nothing to predict)
  • Badly restored  (to be redone, or unrecoverable)

An old trunk  that has been preserved as is ( in its own juice ) will have  less value  than the same  restored trunk  but  more value  than one that has undergone  poor restoration  !



Indeed, a good  number of sellers   "make up" their trunk so that it shines, but in reality,  they deteriorate  this beautiful  luxury luggage forever .


Structure is the basis of your trunk. But what can happen if your structure is not in good condition?

Louis Vuitton underside of trunk gnawed by worms and fungus
Vuitton underside of trunk eaten by worms and fungi

Your purchase will quickly turn into a nightmare!


Make sure the wood is holy :

- That there is no trace of humidity (rust, oxidation stain ..)

- That it is not contaminated by  fungi .

- That there is no small hole in the wood which indicates the presence of harmful insects .


Because under the canvas can hide good surprises.


Checking  the underside of the trunk is a good indicator of the general condition of the trunk.




louis Vuitton trunk repainted
example of a partially repainted Vuitton trunk canvas


The outer canvas, fabric or coated must be in perfect condition  :


- Not stained, dirty or dull 

- Complete, without missing or tearing

- glued and not blistered


Check that it has not been:


- Re - painted

- Varnished

 - waxed

example of a varnished Goyard trunk canvas
example of a varnished Goyard trunk canvas

This irreversible damage  will be fatal to your investment because it will cause the price of your old luggage to drop .


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Example of a Louis Vuitton automobile trunk, the brasses of which have been subjected to acid.
on the left brass under acid - on the right perfectly cleaned brasses



A good polish is a  golden yellow brass , mirror polished with beautiful reflections and without scratches, you must see yourself in it.


Check that the polishing is performed perfectly even in small corners. 


Check that the adjoining canvas is not damaged or stained.


Tip - Stain in the corners of the lock: 


Avoid this kind of restoration  which says a lot about the amateurism of the seller. It is important that the polishing is carried out over the entire surface, even in the recesses.  



Caution  Avoid "cleaned" brass:

  • With acid , which will leave red marks
  • With miror household products 
  • With a  metallic brush, nylon, brass ... these brushes intended for  stripping  old paints on metal deform the brass of your trunks. 

This damage is detrimental to the price of your trunk.


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louis Vuitton trunk do not buy
Example of a poor restoration of a Vuitton trunk


The interior of a cabin or mail trunk represents 30% of the luggage, but in perfect condition as originally, it is a real added value.


If it is original  check  :

That there is not too much stain on the fabric

And above all without bad smell


If it was restored:

Check that it conforms to the origin .

That the inner canvas is perfectly glued and not floating

That the quilting is perfectly made as originally with cotton ribbons.

Example of a perfect restoration of a Vuitton trunk

Opposite example of a trunk restored in our workshops.


It finds its original condition


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damaged leather mail trunk


Leather is a  natural, living, very fragile and delicate material. 


It can  not withstand humidity  and many trunks and suitcases are damaged.


It is important to check that the leather is in perfect condition, of a chocolate brown color, not cracked or missing parts.


Also check that they have not been sealed with tinted silicone gasket . This practice is common to hide damaged leather.


It is of course a hidden screw.




The handles are used to carry the luggage, they can be in leather, metal or brass. 

handle in poor condition goyard trunk

Very often used and abused it is important to check that they are in good condition.


Because often broken and restored check:

  • That the replacement one conforms to the original , and that it is sewn by hand and not by machine.

 Indeed, machine seams will break quickly

  • That it is not fictitious and that it is traditionally well fixed to the barrel and not with glued screws and nails.


Many bad restaurateurs stick them just for the "Deco". A new handle must be usable.


Also read our article: how to recognize a hand stitch saddle stitch.




replica shopping corner trunk


On collection trunks, it is essential that the brass jewelry (lock, clasp and handle) be of Louis Vuitton origin and not copies or spare parts.



We are seeing more and more  molded false locks without any mechanism, generic clasps , totally manufactured brass handles ... on luxury trunks .


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trunk paint strip


We estimate that  99% of crowns or crests are counterfeit.


Also we estimate that  70% of the bands called "stables" these decorative bands are counterfeit. 


Bad, malicious trunk restorers paint false initials, hotel labels, bands, coats of arms or royal crowns ...


These decorations are only intended to deceive the buyer to create a story in the trunk and make it more "prestigious"


Beware of beautiful stories ...


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perfect louis vuitton courier trunk


The  trunks are old  they are often over  100 years old , they have traveled the world on trips,

it is therefore common that they have been restored.


Therefore, check that the restorations were made according to the rules of the art and are in perfect condition.


Because it is difficult when you are a novice to judge the qualityof a restoration, do not hesitate to ask us for our opinion on the acquisition of a future trunk Contact us