The profession of upholsterer was taught to us by our mother, herself a traditional upholsterer. Transmission of family know-how.


Even if the trunk tapestry is very specific, its know-how was a great help in addressing many issues.


The know-how of Leather Gainerie taught by Gilbert Rotival was also very valuable in perfecting our expertise as a trunk upholsterer.


goyard wardrobe trunk


On this  1920 Goyard wardrobe trunk ,


the interior needs to be completely redone, the padding is stained, the canvas partially torn off.


We will therefore fully restore the interior, taking care to respect this trunk and its history.


The inner canvas of the drawers being in perfect condition, we will not touch it and will only change the outer canvas of the drawers.


goyard interior fabrics

Take off the canvas:


Carefully peel off the existing canvas.


Disassembly of the handles and conservation of the original nails.

reinforcement canvas for old repair trunk



Laying the reinforcement canvas on the wood.



Fine canvas:


Laying a thin canvas before the fabric, preventing perspiration from nails and rivets.

Goyard cotton yellow interior canvas

The new canvas:

The new canvas is of the same nature, the same color and the same weaving as the original ones. This is a cotton canvas.

antique louis vuitton trunk canvas collage



At Goyard as at Louis Vuitton today the canvases are glued on cardboard. On old trunks, all gluing is done directly on the barrel to reduce the thickness and weight of the luggage.

The canvas is wood-covered and covers every nook and cranny.


Definition  "full bonding":

Bonding over the entire surface

interior restoration of goyard trunk


To complete the restoration and to respect the origin of the trunk we stick in full as 100 years ago.


After several days of work, the trunk is superb, ready to take on a new life, as decoration in a bedroom or a dressing room.






quilting cover trunk goyard
Capiton on Goyard trunk


Upholstery is an important part of an antique trunk interior.


This luxurious interior comforts when you open your trunk, it is very fragile and often needs to be restored.



Definition  : Upholstery is a padded trim, stitched in several places. Each stitch is marked with a brass nail. 


At Vuitton, there are several types of quilting, the first in 1878 had "plum" colored ribbons. Then white ribbons.


trunk lining

The following dimples have changed little between early 1900 and today. 


They are found both at Louis Vuitton and at Goyard.


Geometric Line:


The rigor of the layout is essential if we want a satisfactory result.


quilting hood trunk louis vuitton

Interlining :

The canvas used is a 100% cotton canvas, satin with a very tight weave just like the one used over 100 years ago.



We affix the 100% cotton ribbons


Good to know :

The secret of a successful quilting is the volume of generosity.




the corner trunk
louis vuitton courier trunk purple ribbon



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