Portrait of Gaston Vuitton
Portrait of Gaston Vuitton

Name: Gaston Vuitton

Nationality  : French

Born / died: 1883 - 1970

Father  : Georges Vuitton

Mother  : Josephine Vuitton, born Patrelle

Children  :  

Spouse  : Renée Marie Louise Versillé


Gaston-Louis Vuitton was a member of the famous Vuitton family and played an important role in the history of the luxury brand Louis Vuitton. Born on December 21, 1883 in Asnières-sur-Seine, France, Gaston was the grandson of the brand's founder, Louis Vuitton.

Gaston-Louis Vuitton actively worked in the family business and helped move the brand in new directions. Here are some of his notable contributions and accomplishments:


Design Innovations : Gaston-Louis Vuitton introduced new design ideas and helped create new patterns and styles for Louis Vuitton items. He was particularly involved in developing original patterns and designs for trunks and travel bags.

Collection of trunks:  Gaston-Louis was passionate about old trunks and luggage. He has assembled an extensive collection of historic trunks and pieces of leather goods, helping to preserve the brand's history of craftsmanship.


International development:  Gaston played a key role in the international expansion of Louis Vuitton. Under his leadership, the brand opened new boutiques around the world, which helped establish Louis Vuitton's global presence.

Commitment to Quality:  Gaston-Louis Vuitton has maintained a strong commitment to quality and craftsmanship. He continued to promote the high quality manufacturing standards set by his grandfather, Louis Vuitton.


Gaston-Louis Vuitton passed away in 1970, but his legacy continues to resonate within the Louis Vuitton brand. His passion for quality, design and history has helped maintain the brand's reputation and make it one of the most iconic luxury houses in the world.

Gaston-Louis Vuitton, the grandson of the founder of the Louis Vuitton brand, had several children with his wife Renée Vuitton (née Renée Versillé):


Andrée Vuitton (1907)


Henry Vuitton , married on October 15, 1935 with Josette Rateau


Denyse Vuitton (1917)


Odile Vuitton : Odile was the daughter of Gaston and Renée Vuitton. Married in 1943 to Henry Racamier (1912-2003)


Therese Vuitton


The Vuitton family has played an important role in the history of the Louis Vuitton brand, contributing to its development, preservation and legacy.

Third of the generation of Vuittons, Gaston-Louis had many interests which all played a fundamental role in the history of the House. Guided by his curiosity, his vision of travel and an endless thirst for knowledge, all his passions have, directly or indirectly, influenced the development of the family business.


A great scholar and fine collector since his childhood, Gaston-Louis has accumulated many trunks and old travel objects from antique shops and auctions, but also books, typography works and, more particularly, countless labels. hotels (those found on customers' luggage). 

He also expressed his sense of architecture and design through avant-garde artistic collaborations, producing objects that are as functional as they are aesthetic, including small boxes, bottles, toilet bags.


Such as the "despatch box" suitcase or the series of bottles, are elements developed by the House in order to diversify its activities and technical approaches.

The suitcase, which was his personal briefcase, is the very symbol of this excellent know-how always associated with a unique functionality, represented here by a slit on the side, allowing its owner to slip in his letters and documents confidentially.

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