Son salon de jouets Louis Vuitton - around 1940
Son salon de jouets Louis Vuitton - around 1940

In this page we will discuss Louis Vuitton children's toys and Louis Vuitton adult games.

As well as the trunks for players. There are hundreds of different versions and a wide range of products, we will cover the main ones.


The history of Louis Vuitton games begins after a tragedy ...

Gaston Louis Vuitton and his wife Renée Marie Louise VERSILLE are devastated by grief at the death of their daughter Thérèse-Noel Vuitton, only four years old.


If Gaston gets over it, Renée will have a lot more difficulty.

Wooden games designed and created exclusively by Gaston Louis Vuitton.
Wooden games designed and created exclusively by Gaston Louis Vuitton.

Gaston decided in September 1935 to open a "Toys" department on the mezzanine of the Champs Elysée store and to entrust it to his wife, to give happiness to the children. It is also a way of diversifying its activity which faced the crisis of the 1930s.


In the shop, we will find:


Wooden toys (rocking game, Animals to drag or to push, figurine), soft toys, puppet, dolls, toy soldiers, jigsaw puzzle and puzzles, music box, and doll trunks, Dollhouse, card games ...

Etiquette Louis Vuitton son salon de jouets Paris 70 Champs Elysées Paris

Louis Vuitton's toy department very quickly competed with the toy leader in France, the Blue Dwarf and the Yellow Hand.



In this store, there are 2 very distinct types of items:

  • Toys designed by Louis Vuitton

The toys will be designed and deposited by Gaston Louis Vuitton.

Etiquette Louis Vuitton son salon de jouets Avenue Marceau 78 bis Paris étoile
  • Toys not produced by Louis Vuitton, only sold in his shop

They often have double labeling, the name of the manufacturer accompanied by the golden label:  Louis Vuitton - SON SALON DE JOUETS


Even if most by Louis Vuitton toys are offered for a young audience, a range for adults is developed, puzzles for older children.

jeux pateki Louis Vuitton rare old casse tete incroyable video

Patéki Louis Vuitton 

The Patéki is a puzzle of six pieces of 1 cm x 1 cm x 3 cm in nickel-plated brass, whose concept Gaston-Louis deposited on June 2, 1932.

Ecrin en carton Louis Vuitton Paris - London
Ecrin en carton Louis Vuitton Paris - London


Extract from 1932:  "Its appearance, essentially geometric, rectilinear and simple, does not arouse any concern in those who are invited to operate the disassembly. But the 6 parts composing the Pateki having been dismantled and stirred, it is then that the reassembly difficulty appears. " ... "Board games awakening intelligence and the development of the spirit of research"

The last element is engraved Louis Vuitton.

It is one of the most sought after games by collectors.

Mounted dimension: 30 mm x 30 mm x 30 mm

jeu de société pateki 2006 réédition Louis Vuitton jeu bois


The Pateki - board game

This 2006 Reissue is 2.3 times larger than the 1932 version at the time of Gaston Vuitton. And this is no coincidence, it allows a better grip, but also to be made of wood and the number 69 is reminiscent of the interlocking of the elements with each other, very meaningful for this rebirth in sycamore maple, a wood traditionally used by craftsmen for the manufacture of musical instruments.

patéki patéko louis vuitton rare collection

An evolution has been made on this reissue, a magnet embedded in the wood, allows to maintain the last piece which tends to escape on the original version. Attention to detail to make this object even more playful, almost magical.

The Monogram motifs have been engraved on six sides of the cube to facilitate the game, using a technique akin to pyrography, an ancestral tradition of marking the wooden game. 

Over time, the color of the wood takes on a very slight patina, which is reminiscent of the patina of natural cowhide leather.

Assembled dimensions: 69 mm x 69 mm x 69 mm


Notice 2006: rules of the game 


If you are playing alone: 


The object of the game is to bone the Patéki, to mix the pieces and then to cleverly assemble the 6 pieces around a centerpiece that holds everything together. The centerpiece is the last! very assembled part.

oeuvre d'art Louis Vuitton collection super cher


If you are playing with friends: 

Between friends, the game can become a competition in which the winner will be the one who climbs the Patéki as quickly as possible. For the more experienced, we can also go up the Patéki blindfold!


If one of your friends has another Patéki, have fun introducing one or more pieces of his Patéki (the Patéko) and it will complicate your task.


malle poupée Louis Vuitton rare superbe mini wardrobe


Louis Vuitton doll trunk

Games for children, faithful replica of the model for adults.

Another model of   a small scale doll trunk like a  wardrobe  to store a doll and its clothes. The dream for every child.

Extremely rare produced by Louis Vuitton.

malle wardrobe pour poupée Louis Vuitton luxe


Louis Vuitton doll trunk

Games for children, faithful replica of the model for adults.

Another model of   a small scale doll trunk like a  wardrobe  to store a doll and its clothes. The dream for every child.

Extremely rare produced by Louis Vuitton.


Malle cabine poupée Louis Vuitton


Louis Vuitton doll cabin trunk 

Year: around 1945 

Cabin model doll trunk 

Not produced by Louis Vuitton, just sold in its toy salon shop


trunk Casino Louis Vuitton games

Louis Vuitton Casino trunk 

Year of production: 2009

To inaugurate the opening of the Louis Vuitton store in Macau, the French luxury house unveiled its latest creation, a casino trunk. With incredible detail, a subtle blend of modernity and elegance, transmitting an experience where travel becomes a real art of living. Legacy of a historical imprint.

True to its tradition, the famous leather goods house created the event by opening its first store in Macao, the new world capital of games.

After Singapore, the charm of the Orient has continued to operate in this city, which has experienced spectacular growth since its attachment to China in 1999.

To celebrate the start of this new adventure in Asia Pacific, Louis Vuitton has launched a series of original accessories. In reference to the city, he created the Louis Vuitton Casino Trunk.

This superb trunk is a veritable mobile casino: you can play roulette, blackjack, cards… The smallest detail is taken care of with the know-how which has made the reputation of the brand.


MALLE À CROQUET LOUIS VUITTON 2008 seulement 5 au monde

Louis Vuitton croquet trunk

Year of production: 2008, produced in 5 copies


History of croquet:

Croquet derives from the game of lacrosse, and the country mail game, popular in antiquity and the Middle Ages. It was first the game of clay billiards, which gave birth to billiards, golf and cricket ... Having become really popular in the 1860s, croquet became the favorite entertainment of the aristocracy, who ensured its success. This success, the game of croquet owes it especially to women. The graceful ladies surrounding the queen were allowed to practice this outdoor game in the company of the men. Playing a game of team croquet was the ultimate in style, especially since we could chat, laugh, banter on the grass. in short, a civilized and mundane game.

Malle croquet Louis Vuitton - Collection legendary trunk
Malle croquet Louis Vuitton - Collection legendary trunk


This Louis Vuitton trunk is the game trunk par excellence, allows eight players to play it includes:

Mallets, balls, stakes: the hoops, in copper, as required by the label, are fitted, according to the French rules of the game, with a bell indicating the passage of each ball. Finally, the eight colors: bright, lacquered or seized leather on the handle of the mallet, one per player.

The wooden accessories are carved from charming, white and hard wood, then turned and lacquered by hand, made by Maison Jorelle, founded in 1864, specializing in the manufacture of old wooden games.

Dimensions: 104 x 52 x 26 cm 

Valise Backgammon Louis Vuitton 1950


Louis Vuitton Backgammon suitcase 

Years: Around 1950 

Set of beautiful manufactory


Valise Backgammon Louis Vuitton 1970 moche ne pas acheter


Louis Vuitton Backgammon suitcase

Year: around 1970

Production made in subcontracting as we can see it on the quality of the chosen hardware.

little sought after by collectors because of the lower quality.

Valise Backgammon Louis Vuitton 2020 peinture


Case  Backgammon  Louis Vuitton

New 2020 Louis Vuitton price: € 14,000

Inspired by the classic President tether case, this Backgammon case allows players to carry their games anywhere.

Dimensions: 75 mm x 480 mm x 280 mm

Valise poker Louis Vuitton prix du neuf 18000€ pas cher


Louis Vuitton Poker Briefcase

New 2020 Louis Vuitton price: € 18,000

Poker box in monogram canvas marked "poker". Interior in red alcantara. Tokens, two golden plates, five dice, deck of cards.

Dimensions: 65 mm x 480 mm x 280 mm

Valise tuiles de Mahjong Louis Vuitton game chinois


Louis Vuitton Mahjong Tiles Suitcase

Mohjong tiles is a game of Chinese origin, all the tiles can be removed easily.

Dimensions: 56 x 7 x 22 cm

Boite à musique




Louis Vuitton music box 

MUSIC BOX “Valse de l'Empereur” depicting a cute dancer, wooden base. 

Dimension: 8 x 8 x 17 cm 

BOÎTE À MUSIQUE Louis VUITTON cage oiseau mécanisme


Louis Vuitton mechanized bird in cage 

Music box, bird in a cage 

Boite a musique vivienne


Vivienne music box

Reference: G10267

Louis Vuitton 2020 New Price: € 2,490

A most poetic gift, this miniature Monogram canvas trunk opens to reveal a charming Vivienne figurine dancing to the music. A real delight every time the lid opens, this accessory can be used to store trinkets and decorate the house.

Dimensions: 11 x 11 x 12 cm 


Ourson Louis Vuitton peluche vintage


Louis Vuitton teddy bear

Year: around 1960 - 70

Teddy bears became all the rage at the turn of the 20th century, after American newspapers reported that President Theodore Roosevelt refused to shoot a teddy bear while hunting.


Signature au pied de l'ourson : Louis Vuitton Avenue Marceau 78 bis Paris

Signature at the foot of the teddy bear:

Louis Vuitton

Avenue Marceau 78 bis


Teddy Bear Steiff Louis Vuitton incurable jouet pour grand enfant

Teddy Bear Steiff Louis Vuitton

Year: 2000

Manufacturer: Steiff (German company)


This remains the most popular and expensive teddy bear in the world. Louis Vuitton and Steiff collaborated to create this wonderful toy. The famous French luxury house and the German toy maker came together to create a teddy bear that looked classy, stylish, cute and "rich". Dressed in the Louis Vuitton monogram, Hat, rain parka and president suitcase.


Sold in the auction house for $ 2,100,000. Currently, this teddy bear is on display at the Teddy Bear Museum in Jeju, Korea.

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Doudou by Louis Vuitton peluche pour enfant riche de luxe M99000


Doudou by Louis Vuitton

Reference: M99000

Year: 2005

Louis Vuitton teddy bear presented at the parade. 

Achieves huge success. In the brand's 150-year fashion history, it is the first teddy bear entirely designed, developed and manufactured by Louis Vuitton. Only 500 copies of this limited edition teddy bear were made. This monogram bear received the name of DouDou.

Dimension: 36 x 20 x 45 cm

Peluche Groom Louis Vuitton vintage collection keep steamer bag


Louis Vuitton Groom plush 


"The Groom" doll with two essential pieces of luggage from Maison L. Vuitton:

  • a Steamer Bag
  • a Keepall bag 


Groom size: 30 cm

Peluche Louis Vuitton rare edition limité

Louis Vuitton plush

Year: from 2017

New price at Louis Vuitton 2020: 705 to 920 euros / units


Face the fever of luxury dolls for older children. Louis Vuitton is launching in 2017 a collection of plush and comforter produced in very limited edition (around 500 units worldwide). 


Bear, rabbit, dog, tiger, penguin, Vivienne ...  


These soft toys make you smile. Crafted in leather and canvas, these adorable plush toys feature iconic Louis Vuitton designs such as the Monogram's flower eyes, Monogram canvas, and lots of fun details. These lovely games for adults and children alike are part of the Louis Vuitton toy collection and will make a nice gift.

Dimensions: 20 to 25 x 10 to 15 x 8 to 12 cm


Louis Vuitton Lottery games toys children 1940


Louis Vuitton Lottery

Date: circa 1940

Lottery themed painted wooden toy box

Double front opening and cover

Compartmentalized interior including a lucky wheel, various games and gifts to be won.

Interior label: Its toy lounge - 70 champs elysée 

Dimensions: 73 x 23 x 32 cm.

Louis Vuitton children's wheelbarrow


Louis Vuitton children's wheelbarrow

White, blue painted wood

inscription of black letters in the name of the House

Dimensions: 42 x 30 x 88 cm

Louis Vuitton Army Years: around 1945


Louis Vuitton Army

Years: around 1945

Toy box containing 11 miniature painted wood vehicles (4 jeeps, 4 tanks, 2 trucks, 1 tow truck).

Label on the cover: His toy salon - 70 champs elysée Paris

Dimensions: 4 x 28 x 18 cm

Britains, canon 155 mm Louis Vuitton son salon de jouet


Britains, 155 mm gun. 
In its box with instructions and accessories.

Bears the label "Louis Vuitton - Son Salon du Jouet".

Les Soldats de plomb vendu chez Louis Vuitton CBG mignot


The toy soldiers sold at Louis Vuitton

Year: around 1960

Manufacturer: Maison CBG Mignot

Polychrome, hairy toy soldiers in blue outfit 

Les Soldats de plomb vendu chez Louis Vuitton CBG mignot

Label under each figure: Louis Vuitton 


Exterior label: Louis Vuitton - Son salon de toys

Av Marceau 78 bis 

Paris - Etoile 

Casse tete Louis Vuitton 1960 metal japonais


Louis Vuitton puzzle

Year: around 1960

Set of puzzles, with their instructions

Together in a cardboard box.

Label on the cover: Paris - Etoile 

Mikado Louis Vuitton Cadeau VIP, jeux et coffret en bois de different essence  Dimension : 228 mm x 38 mm x 35 mm

Mikado Louis Vuitton

VIP gift, games and wooden box of different essence 

Dimension: 228mm x 38mm x 35mm


Rules of the game:

Before the game begins, all sticks must be held together in one hand and the player drops them on the table. Each player must remove the sticks from the pile, one at a time and without disturbing their neighbors. The player continues to collect sticks for as long as he can. If another stick is moved in this process, the player will lose their turn. The winner of the game is the player with the highest score. There are 41 sticks. The lightest colored sticks represent 2 points, the slightly darker sticks 5 points, then 10 points etc.




There are dozens of versions of Louis Vuitton card games, more or less rare, and more or less sought after.


The aesthetic quality and signed by a reputable manufacturer that can raise their selling prices.

bridge grimaud Louis Vuitton carte a jouet 1970

Louis Vuitton bridge card games

Year: 1970 

Model: bridge games

Manufacturer: BP Grimaud 


Bridge games: two decks (one red and one yellow) of 52 cards + 3 jokers + 2 game instructions


Baptiste Paul Grimaud created his manufacturing workshop in Paris in 1848, he developed the manufacturing of playing cards and built a large-scale business. Innovations at the service of the playing card. Thanks to multiple alliances, patents and buyouts, Grimaud quickly developed a great deal of know-how, at the forefront of the card industry.

bridge grimaud Louis Vuitton carte a jouet 1970

These innovations are mainly aimed at improving the quality of the cards and preventing cheaters from operating! The cards are opaque, the corners are rounded and small indexes are placed in the corners to prevent players from identifying them without opening their deck too wide.

The quality of the raw materials and the care taken in manufacturing as well as the quality of the prints and illustrations of the games are the basis of the House's reputation. Grimaud develops many games with inverted portraits (head to tail) where the figures are found in both directions. While today, we find that normal, initially the cards were readable only in one direction. It becomes Official Supplier of the largest gaming circles and casinos.

bridge grimaud Louis Vuitton carte a jouet 1970

The manufacture still today is carried out in France according to the traditional know-how of Master Cartier. It is therefore no coincidence that Louis Vuitton asked BP Grimaud to give him his cards. The collaboration of two Parisian companies at the forefront of their arts for 170 years. 


Anecdote  : to our knowledge, this is the only case where the Louis Vuitton motif is turned over so that the card is perfectly symmetrical, a nice nod to the history of Grimaud. Touching the historic monogram is not the habit of the luxury house Louis Vuitton.


Cardboard box dimension: 200 mm x 70 mm x 30 mm

pochette carte a jouet Louis Vuitton 1980


Louis Vuitton double card games 

Year: Around 1980

Holds two sets of cards in monogram canvas, snap closure on flap; we join there the two decks of cards gilded on edges.

pochette carte a jouet Louis Vuitton 2010 collection


Louis Vuitton gold and silver card games

Year: around 2010

Two decks of cards, one in gold, the other in silver, showing the checkered canvas on the front and the House logo on the back.

Coffret Jeu cartes Louis Vuitton: M40289


Louis Vuitton Card Game Box

Reference: M40289

New Louis Vuitton 2020 price: € 2,160

Inspired by game boxes and casino trunks, this small rigid box allows you to take your games with you.

Dimensions: 185 x 65 x 135 mm 

Cartes à jouer et pochette Arsène Louis Vuitton G10014


Arsène Louis Vuitton playing cards and pouch

Reference: G10014

New Louis Vuitton 2020 price: 360 €

This original pouch contains an elegant Louis Vuitton card game. Ideal for travel, it is available in bright red leather with a contrasting lining.

Dimensions: 103 mm x 80 mm x 30 mm 


Ecrin à dés Louis Vuitton  Vers 1960


Louis Vuitton dice box 

Years: around 1960

Leather cases, dice.

Two hand-sewn leather cups.

Not manufactured by Louis Vuitton.

eux de domino et jeux de dés Louis Vuitton  Année : 2006 Cadeau VIP


Louis Vuitton domino and dice games 

Year: 2006

VIP gift

In two plexiglass boxes, printed with the flower monogram. 

For the inauguration of the Louis Vuitton Champs Elysées boutique. 

Pochette pour dés Steve Louis Vuitton Reference : G10013


Steve Louis Vuitton dice pouch

Reference: G10013

New Louis Vuitton 2020 price: € 400

This pretty dice pocket will be the perfect companion for games with friends and family. The Maison's iconic Monogram canvas gives it an elegant signature.

Dimensions: 35 x 110 x 33 mm 

 Coffret jeu dés Louis Vuitton Reference : M40291


Louis Vuitton dice game box

Reference: M40291

New Louis Vuitton 2020 price: € 2,160

Inspired by game boxes and casino trunks, this small rigid box allows you to take your games with you.

Dimensions: 185 x 65 x 135 mm

 Coffret jeu dominos Louis Vuitton Reference : M40290


Louis Vuitton domino game box

Reference: M40290

Price 2020: 2 160 €

Inspired by game boxes and casino trunks, this small rigid box allows you to take your games with you.

Dimension: 185 mm x 65 mm x 135 cm 

Solitaire Louis Vuitton  Reference : G10476 Prix du neuf 2020 : 1 3100 €

Louis Vuitton solitaire 

Reference: G10476

Retail price 2020: € 1,3,100

This solitaire is an ideal gift for lovers of Louis Vuitton and classic games. Presented in an elegant Monogram canvas and leather case, it contains elements made of transparent and fluorescent plexiglass. This playful piece features engraved beads and the Trunks & Bags signature on the game and case.

Dimensions: 225 x 35 x 225 mm

Baby-foot Louis Vuitton Zidane


Louis Vuitton table football 

Year: 2020

Reference: R97265 

Price of a new Louis Vuitton 2020 coated canvas: € 55,000

Price of the new Louis Vuitton 2020 leather: € 68,000


Table football was invented between 1880 and 1890, but it was not until the golden age of table football in the 1970s, those who were teenagers at the time will remember it. Table football was very present in all neighborhood cafes and it was always a good opportunity to meet up with friends.

Baby-foot Louis Vuitton Zidane


Louis Vuitton luxuriously revisits an object synonymous with games and leisure. Perfectly functional, the piece is covered with Monogram canvas and enhanced with gold or silver finishes. The hand painted players are made of aluminum, the player is inspired by the LV groom from 1921. The score tokens are inspired by the Monogram flower. they feature an enamel finish that gives them the look of real jewelry


Available in a multitude of versions, monogram canvas, Graphite damier canvas, Eclipse monogram canvas, natural leather, Epi leather ...


Dimension: 150 x 95 x 100 cm