Louis Vuitton has never ceased to develop his paintings. The first were united , then with checkerboard , and the famous LV canvas better known today under the name of " monogram ", these fabrics have survived the ages. The first were woven, then stenciled, then screen printed to become today's canvas.


The canvases have evolved between 1858 with the gray Vuitton canvas Trianon united and 2010 with the Murakami canvas . They have come a long way, they have evolved at the same time as French industry, chemicals and technology. 

Definition : Mark

Depending on the technique and the materials used and time, the canvas presents variations in textures and colors , which collectors and professionals call "Mark" brands we spot referenced in our encyclopedia below.


Note : The "Mark" corresponds to the   typography , the colors used can deteriorate and become patina depending on the exposure (humidity, UV ...) which explains a multitude of colors for the same Mark.



Trianon gray canvas - Coated     Louis Vuitton hat trunk

Trianon gray canvas - Coated 


Louis Vuitton hat trunk

Appeared in 1854, the oldest coating existing on Louis Vuitton trunks is a hemp canvas painted in oil in gray called "Trianon gray".

Appeared in 1854, the oldest coating existing on Louis Vuitton trunks is a hemp canvas painted in oil in gray called "Trianon gray".


Strong raw linen canvas with waterproof satin finish   Available in Beige and Brown in solid color   Louis Vuitton hat box


Strong raw linen canvas with waterproof satin finish 

Available in Beige and Brown in solid color 


Louis Vuitton hat box

toile brute rustique Louis Vuitton malle a chapeau


1872 Toile rayée - Tissée trunk malle louis vuitton

Striped canvas - Woven 


Brown and red striped canvas appearances.


Toile rayée brun et rouge louis vuitton tissée
Striped canvas - Woven   Trunk Louis Vuitton 1886

Striped canvas - Woven


Trunk Louis Vuitton 1886

It presents variations of brown and beige hues

It presents variations of brown and beige hues

Damier Tissée

Checkered canvas - Woven  


Louis Vuitton 1889 courier trunk


Canvas brown and beige tones.


1888 Toile damier enduite tropicale malle louis vuitton

ropical Coated Checkerboard Canvas - Stencil 


 The beige checkerboard of yellow color that is also called tropical. 


Louis Vuitton 1889 tall courier trunk

toile tropicale malle trunk louis vuitton

 Mark II  


These beige, brown, printed versions preserve the trompe-l'oeil aspect of a mat weaving, while allowing the rhythmic appearance of the words "L. Vuitton registered trademark"

malle louis vuitton damier pochoir ancien

Dark checkered canvas  - Stencil


Most popular color. 


Louis Vuitton cabin trunk 1890

1888 Toile damier foncé bagage vuitton


Mark I

Malle cabine Louis Vuitton damier bordure cuir

Louis Vuitton 1895 cabin trunk

toile damier ancienne vuitton


Mark II



It is the patina of time, The web is dilated and the pigments of the surface layer (checkerboard) have separated giving this aspect " spider's web ". Not to be confused with a cracked canvas.    Indeed, the so-called Spider canvas does not crumble and is

It is the patina of time, The web is dilated and the pigments of the surface layer (checkerboard) have separated giving this aspect " spider's web ". Not to be confused with a cracked canvas.  


Indeed, the so-called Spider canvas does not crumble and is always perfectly waterproof, it is only a change in the position of the paint molecules. The patina obtained is not over the entire surface, nor homogeneous. It only concerns a certain area, giving it a crazy charm.


Monogram WOVEN

trunk monogram vuitton old

LV monogram canvas - Woven 


Louis Vuitton 1899 courier trunk

La toile Monogramme est créée en 1896 tissée toile louis vuitton trunk malle

The Monogram canvas was created in 1896 by Georges Vuitton , son of Louis Vuitton. It is a fabric woven with a jacquard loom, two-tone linen threads, one ecru, the other sienna, which reveals a monochrome design. Resistant canvas but also very flexible and, therefore difficult to work, paste based on rye flour and dextrin, it will be eaten by hungry rats. The complexity of the implementation will lead to the abandonment definitively because it is too difficult to work.




Monogram LV Canvas - Stencil   Monogram LV golden yellow   Louis Vuitton 1906 tall courier trunk 1914

Monogram LV Canvas - Stencil 


Monogram LV golden yellow 


Louis Vuitton 1906 tall courier trunk

malle vuitton mark 1

 Mark I

From 1904, the Monogram canvas was transposed into a printed version to follow the evolution of coating materials: the appearance of Pégamoïd coating resins effectively reversed the ornamental technique since the canvas, this time devoid of a pattern, was made of first coated and then received its decoration of rosettes and monograms. This decoration is then stenciled in yellow-beige on a brown background, to restore the original damask pattern. Until 1959 the canvases will be stenciled.

1910 Toile Monogramme couleur


Even if anecdotal, the colored monogram trunk is part of the Louis Vuitton heritage. 


Louis Vuitton 1916 car trunk

monogramme bleu Louis vuitton

Mark I Blue


Rare colored Monogram canvas developed between the years 1910 and 1930,  declined after Louis Vuitton, in green, red and blue. But to this day only this trunk exists.

malle courrier louis vuitton mark 2

Lemon yellow LV monogram  


Louis Vuitton 1914 low courier trunk

toile vuitton trunk malle pochoirs mark 2


Mark II

toile louis vuitton trunk malle pochoirs mark 3


Mark III

Monogram LV mark 4 


Louis vuitton cabin trunk

1912 Toile Monogramme pochoirs   Malle courrier basse Louis Vuitton 1925 mark 4


Mark IV


Malle cabine Louis Vuitton

Less contrasting and more discreet canvas 


Louis Vuitton 1935 cabin trunk

louis vuitton trunk malle pochoirs mark 5 prix


Mark V

Toile Monogram pochoirs LV  1950 louis vuitton

Latest edition stencils Very intense bright yellow, light chocolate brown background. 


it is the most contrasted canvas 


Louis Vuitton Circa 1955 hat box

toile louis vuitton trunk malle pochoirs mark 6


Mark VI




Vuittonite is a thick coated canvas originally developed for automotive luggage . It will quickly seduce customers for its sobriety, and its  wide choice of color . This is the name of the canvas but also a full range called " Vuittonite series ", in most cases Vuittonite trunks do not have a wooden slat .

Orange vuittonite canvas, it is the most popular  canvas   Louis Vuitton 1912 cabin trunk


Orange vuittonite canvas, it is the most popular  canvas


Louis Vuitton 1912 cabin trunk

malle à chapeau vuitton toile uni vuittonite jaune moutarde

Yellow vuittonite canvas, Takes orange reflections following exposure to uv. 

Mustard yellow 


Louis Vuitton hat box

malle louis vuitton toile vuittonite rouge

Red Vuittonite canvas,  It is the rarest present on certain automobile trunk and certainly the most sought after.


Albert Kahn Louis Vuitton 1929 trunk

Pastel Yellow Vuittonite canvas,  "Pig leather" grain. It is a very rare canvas. Very little produced.


Louis Vuitton automobile trunk

malle cabine louis vuitton vuittonite marron uni couleur

Brown vuittonite canvas


 Louis Vuitton Cabin Trunk

Malle automobile vuittonite verte

Green vuittonite canvas 


Louis Vuitton automobile trunk

malle louis vuitton toile beige

Beige vuittonite canvas,  Not to be confused with trianon canvas, mainly used for automobile trunk.


 Louis Vuitton automobile trunk

Petite malle automobile louis vuitton toile vuittonite noir

Black Vuittonite canvas,  it is the canvas intended mainly for the car trunk also the canvas the rependu.


Louis Vuitton automobile trunk


Vuittonite grain chagrin louis vuitton malle uni

Vuittonite Grain "chagrin", the most common available in many colors

vuittonite grain porc louis vuitton malle ancienne

Vuittonite Grain " pigskin", Very rare, even extremely rare

Light vuittonite, produced in the 1950s. Not very widespread, succession of small points, no longer has the appearance of leather. 


toile papier Louis Vuitton interieur de malle

The first fabrics were in speckled paper

toile tissé louis vuitton trunk malle price


Then in paper or striped fabric 

Toile Vuittonite trunk malle vuitton louis price

Different beige shade in canvas fabrics

Vuittonite trunk malle vuitton louis price

Vuittonite canvas in mustard orange color.  


This canvas adorned the interior of wardrobes , shoe trunks, secretary trunks .


Typical grain.

vuittonite beige marbré vers 1935

Beige Vuittonite canvas, marbled effect  


This limited edition canvas was mainly used in rigid suitcases .


 Capiton violet    malle louis vuitton

Purple capiton / Plum

 Capiton bleu blanc rouge malle louis vuitton

Blue / White / Red Ribbon 

one of the rarest, produced only for 1 year


Ribbon due capiton signed Louis Vuitton 

ancien capiton malle vuitton

Also available unsigned


malle courrier haute louis vuitton pvc

Monogram LV - PVC  canvas, modern canvas known as PVC, waterproof, always on cotton canvas, the printed induction is in pvc. This new canvas is extremely resistant.


Louis Vuitton courier trunk

LV monogram canvas - PVC Mark 1   1st edition the print is light yellow approaching the color of the Mark 6 stencil monogram canvas

LV monogram canvas - PVC

Mark 1


1st edition the print is light yellow approaching the color of the Mark 6 stencil monogram canvas

LV monogram canvas - PVC Mark 2

LV monogram canvas - PVC

Mark 2

LV monogram canvas - PVC Mark 2

LV monogram canvas - PVC

Mark 3

LV monogram canvas - PVC Mark 4

LV monogram canvas - PVC

Mark 4

1998 Toile damier Ebene  louis vuitton

1996  Ebene checkered canvas - PVC  

Re-edited in 1996 to celebrate the centenary of the Monogram canvas, Louis Vuitton brings the Damier canvas up to date. Designed in 1888 by Georges Vuitton.

Graffiti  Stephen sprouse (1953 / 2004) malle vuitton trun

2001 Graffiti - PVC

Stephen Sprouse (1953/2004) 

Born in 1953, Sprouse was a precursor of the punk and pop trend of the 1980s. Friend and great admirer of Andy Warhol, he established himself with his New York and urban style, a mixture of art, rock music and fashion. and by its explosive color palette.

For his Spring-Summer 2001 show, Marc Jacobs asks Stephen Sprouse to tag the icons of Louis Vuitton. Steedy, Keepall, box hats: the artist reinterprets the classics of the brand and is a huge success. It was also during this period that the artist came up with the idea of the "green" and "pink" motif that he presented on the podium. Sprouse died in 2004, but the Fall-Winter 2006-2007 show put him back in the spotlight and imprinted his previously unseen Leopard motif on ready-to-wear and accessories. On the occasion of the first retrospective exhibition of the American's work at the Deitch Gallery in New York in January 2009, Marc Jacobs wanted to pay a new tribute to the artist.Louis Vuitton is reviving its punk and fluorescent glamor with an even stronger version of Graffiti reinterpreted as well on leather goods as ready-to-wear, shoes, accessories and jewelry.

2002 Multicolore blanc - PVC trunk malle vuitton


2002 Multicolor White - PVC  

Marc Jacobs collaborates to reinvigorate the iconic brand in 2002 with Takashi Murakami, it was a huge success, bringing worldwide notoriety to the artist and the brand. 

Superfluous artistic movement, a style that fuses traditional Japanese aesthetics with post-war Japanese culture and embodies Japanese kitsch.

2002 Multicolore Noir - PVC louis vuitton trunk malle prix

2002  Multicolor Black - PVC

The choice of a Japanese artist is no coincidence, when we know that 94% of 20-year-old women in Tokyo own at least one Louis Vuitton bag. 

toile 2008 Monogramouflage - PVC louis vuitton trunk malle

2008  Monogramouflage - PVC

A new collaboration by Marc Jacobs with contemporary Japanese artist Tashi Murakami following the worldwide success of the multicolored canvas. 

this city collection was a great success. 


Following the departure of Marc Jacob, Louis vuitton will put an end to 13 years of collaboration with Murakami and will stop the production of all of his paintings. 

2006 Edition Damier Azur Vuitton trunk

2006 Damier Azur Edition - PVC

Ten years after the launch of the Damier line, Louis Vuitton has reinterpreted this timeless canvas through a fresh and feminine new color, Azur. Damier Azur evokes the spirit of travel dear to Louis Vuitton, the glamour of the Riviera, the carefree and relaxed feeling of the summer season. Damier Azur offers a complete, feminine and chic collection of products, ranging from city bags and luggage, to small leather goods.

Damier Graphite malle vuitton

2008 Edition Damier Graphite - PVC

It was in 2008 to celebrate the 120th anniversary of the launch of the Damier canvas, that Louis Vuitton launched a new version exclusively intended for men's products, which was a resounding success. We owe this magnificent achievement thanks to Paul Helbers, the designer of Louis Vuitton's men's collections under the artistic leadership of the American Marc Jacobs, who had the original light brown and ebony colors changed for a duo of black and anthracite. Immediate success.

2014 Messenger camera malle vuitton

2014 Messenger camera - PVC

Collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Cindy Sherman 

Artist-performer, Cindy Sherman relied on the memory of the colorful hotel label saffixed to old Louis Vuitton trunks to create the Messenger. Evoking the life of the artist, the canvas is decorated with embroidered patches showing images of his personal work.


Louis Vuitton wardrobe trunk

Louis Vuitton sac malle trunk 2015 Edition Damier Cobalt  prix

2015 Edition Damier Cobalt - PVC

A complete collection created around the color blue, masculine and timeless. Midnight blue was the missing color in the iconic Damier Graphite, Damier Infini and Damier Ebène collections.

toile supreme louis vuitton red rouge monogramme canvas

2017 Supreme  

Collaboration of two luxury brands, Louis Vuitton & Supreme, the benchmark New York brand of streetwear, created in 1994. This collaboration that quite opposed on the one hand a street brand, on the other the most famous luxury house in world. Buzz successful.


malle louis vuitton cuir épi valise trunk prix

1985 Epi - Leather

Its originality comes from the graphic which makes it immediately recognizable.

Inspired by the grain of a leather already used by Louis Vuitton at the beginning of the century (long grain) renamed grain epi by the Maison Louis Vuitton initially offered in 4 colors, they will extend the color range over the years.


Excerpt from the 1985 catalog: Modernity also goes through the leathers.

Leather and colors are old friends of Louis Vuitton. Carefully selected, cowhide tanned with vegetable extracts reinforces soft luggage, protects the corners of certain rigid luggage and, on request, can become the sole material of all your luggage. Louis Vuitton always wanted it this way to offer its customers the choice of LV quality in the most refined form.

Cuir epi Louis Vuitton choix des couleurs en 1985 catalogue ancien

Moreover, Louis Vuitton has always sought diversity in sizes, materials and colors. He refuses no audacity. Didn't the Belle Epoque and the 1920s know the red morocco, the brown crocodile, the purple seal or the green snake? Today, Epi leather reminds everyone that the trunk maker Louis Vuitton also excels in the art of leather goods and saddlery. Dyed deep into its thickness after tanning, Epi leather creates, through its grain, a surprising double tone effect.

Particularly resistant, and acquiring a perfect patina over time, Epi leather comes in a choice of 4 colours: Kouril black. Toledo blue, Borneo green, and Kenyan fawn. Finally, for fans of the most sober leather, Louis Vuitton offers the natural Winnipeg. Most Epi leather soft bags and luggage are lined with black or arma-gnac leather. Fittings, gussets, handles are in tone-on-tone smooth leather. The initials LV are branded with a hot iron. The models of the Epi leather line are directly derived from those of the Monogram line.

Cuir epi Louis Vuitton choix des couleurs en 1987 catalogue ancien

1987 catalog extract: Louis vuitton All leather

For Louis Vuitton, cowhide tanned with vegetable extracts is a tradition for more than a century. With this leather, Louis Vuitton manufactures to order luggage of great beauty but which modern transport conditions make fragile. To avoid this inconvenience, Louis Vuitton has created the

Epi leather. In less than two years, this unique Epi leather has established itself as an absolute success. Unfailing solidity (that of time and bad weather), color impregnated in the mass, and original grain. And no one could resist the new colors that make Epi leather sing: Borneo green, Toledo blue, Kenyan fawn, Kouril black, to which are now added Winnipeg sand and Castilian red. "Lèse-Majesté" say some. They forget that Louis Vuitton dyed its leathers for a long time and that once the Parthenon was painted.

malle vuitton cuir grainé malle vanity

Organized in a multitude of colors, we appreciate the durability and timelessness of the Epi leather collection. In 2011, the Epi collection was revised with a new assortment of bright colors.

malle vuitton toile taîga cuir trunk utilisé pour les intérieurs de bagage

1993 Taiga - Leather

Taiga leather line is the name of the largest coniferous forest in Russia called taiga. This line was introduced in 1993 and has remained popular ever since.

Mainly used to build briefcases and travel accessories, the Taïga line is sophisticated and will always remain a classic. The Taiga line is intended for men's leather goods accessories.

It is found in a large number of luxury rigid suitcase interiors.


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