flower trunk VIP gift

At Louis Vuitton , we make it a rule not to grant any reductions or discounts, for any reason whatsoever.


From 1910, in order to thank their most loyal customers in a different way, Georges Vuitton and Gaston-Louis Vuitton decided to offer them a  flower trunk.


100 years later in 2010 , this charming tradition of flower trunks was brought up to date with:

flower trunk VIP gift
  • Mini trunk
  • Snow Ball
  • Clipboard
  • .. etc 

So many VIP gifts to reward the loyalty of the major accounts of the Monogram House.


Louis Vuitton mini trunk

Between 2010 and 2013, four mini trunks will be offered to Louis Vuitton key account customers:

  • Miss france trunk
  • Zinc Explorer Trunk
  • Checkerboard hat trunk
  • Striped mail trunk


mini trunk vuitton miss france 2010

2010  Miss France mini mail trunk

Paperweight in monogram enhanced with the inscription Miss France and the French flag. Brown composite edges, brass corners and closure, leather handles and straps and lozine border . This small  mail trunk does not open unlike other models.


mini zinc trunk 2011 vuitton

2011 Zinc explorer mini-trunk

Replica of an 1899 model, "special trunk for men", faithfully reduced to 1/7 scale. All the details of this exceptional explorer trunk , visible in the Louis Vuitton museum in Asnières, are faithfully reproduced and patinated like the original, including the labels stuck on by its former owner.

mini zinc trunk 2011 vuitton


Mini hat trunk 2012 louis vuitton

2012 Mini trunk with checkerboard hats  

Replica of an 1895 model, lady's hat trunk in checkered canvas, personalized with a "T" in a red triangle and a number "3", faithfully reduced to 1/7 scale .

This piece could hold up to 6 hats which were pinned to the cage or ribboned frame using pins and small ribbons. At a time when traveling without a hat was inconceivable, these fragile accessories deserved a full-fledged luggage allowing them to keep their perfect shape in all circumstances.

Mini hat trunk 2012 louis vuitton

Inside was a cage deep enough to hold bulky capes, and a tray for flat hats.


Size: 80mm x 70mm x 100mm 


2013 mini vuitton striped trunk

2013  Striped mini-trunk

The small  mail trunk is a faithful replica at 1/7 of a trunk dating from 1888 and covered with beige and brown striped canvas. On the sides, the initials marked AP suggest the name of its owner. Dedicated to men, the Courrier model is characterized by its two frames and its lower interior height than on other men's trunks of the time. Its use was therefore essentially reserved for clothing.  

In order to facilitate the identification of Louis Vuitton trunks hitherto covered in gray canvas, the House began using a new pattern in 1872: a red and brown striped canvas. Later, this pattern is declined in other colors.



2019 Red Striped Mini Trunk

The small  mail trunk  is a faithful 1/7 replica of a trunk found in the living room of the Louis Vuitton family home, covered with beige and red striped canvas produced in 1872. On the sides, the initials marked SLC


Edition offered to a certain client when visiting the house in Asnieres sur Seine. 


Edition offered to a certain client when visiting the house in Asnieres sur Seine.  


Dimensions: 145mm x 72mm x 80mm


2020 Macassar mini trunk - R97479 This new small paperweight trunk is not a replica of an existing trunk.

2020 Macassar Mini Trunk  - R97479

This new small paperweight trunk is not a replica of an existing trunk. Since it mixes several periods and several elements of luggage, such as a push-button lock , brass handles, corners held by 1 nail per side, sewn lozines , also a lozine in the lower part which is never done on monogram canvas trunks. Also the absence of wooden slats despite the presence of brackets. 

This model does not open.


Size: 120mm x 70mm x 70mm


Due to the covid pandemic, this model has been produced and offered very little.



The price of his snow globes depends on the aesthetic condition and a major problem:  

  • No glass was cleaned before gluing. So you will see a lot of dust trapped in the globes.

The more dust there is, the more the price drops from -20% to -60%, because you cannot fully appreciate the details of the content. 

As a restorer, thanks to our years of experience, we have implemented a unique process for dismantling, cleaning and gluing the globes in order to (re) find the cleanliness of a perfectly cleaned glass.

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globe snow Louis Vuitton VIP glass 75 mm

2006 - Eiffel Tower trunk

2006 - Eiffel Tower trunk

To celebrate the first anniversary of the opening of the Louis Vuitton house at 101, avenue des champs-Elysées, Louis Vuitton has created a snow globe, a nod to the photography of Jacques Henri Lartigue.  


Originally, the stack of luggage in monogram canvas evokes the journey of this composition represented the Eiffel Tower.  


This snow globe is remarkable for the extreme care given to every detail of its construction. unlike the other snow globe, this one was on sale between 2006 and 2010 in the shops.


Price at the time: 275 euros 

2011 - Stokowski Louis VUITTON snow globe

2011 - Stokowski Louis VUITTON 

The Stokowski trunk was first created in 1929 for conductor and composer Leopold Stokowski. At the time, it was a completely new piece, exclusively imagined, designed and produced for the sole use of a conductor and obeying his working habits while traveling.

Shelves for books, three for sheet music and music paper, drawers for files, space for a typewriter: the set is extended, once opened, by a retractable table sheathed in leather. The Stokowski trunk remained a unique piece for a long time, but it now appears in the catalogs of Louis Vuitton workshops.


The model presented is in Ebony checkered canvas , the interior is lined with red alcantara fabric.


Globe representing the "Stokowski" trunk in checkered canvas, movable partitions. This trunk was made for the conductor Léopold Stokowski.


Size: 82mm x 82mm x 115


Please note that counterfeits exist, find out more: click here

2012 - The Bellhop  snow groom louis vuitton globe

2012 - The grome

The bellhop "Louis Vuitton" appears for the first time in an advertisement of 1921 (in the newspaper of the "campagne Internationale des Wagon-lits"), whose slogan is evocative: "Show me your luggage, I will tell you who you are". The Maison's history is linked to the privileged travel history of frequent travellers, friends and customers of Louis Vuitton.  

The groom carries a Steamer Bag . Created in 1901 under the name of the inviolable ("which protects your private life"), it is an extra bag, originally an essential edge bag for travelers going on a cruise. It was indeed at the beginning of the 20th century that transatlantic cruises developed aboard very luxurious boats, with comfortable cabins? Whatever their destination, these cruises lasted several days, even several weeks.

Advertisement Louis Vuitton groom 1921
Advertisement Louis Vuitton groom 1921

Folded at the start of the bleeding crossing to store in the bottom of the closet of the wardrobe trunk or "wardrobe" , the Steamer Bag unfolded to be hung by the leather handle on the cabin door and to store dirty laundry in it. as the trip unfolded. He thus avoided piling up the linen already used next to the clean clothes in the trunk.  

Subsequently, the Steamer bag will commonly be transformed into a bag for storing blankets, shawls, coats, a pillow bag or a shoe bag.  

A symbol of long-distance travel, the Steamer Bag quickly became an iconic model among the most elegant travel bags made by Louis Vuitton. He wears Monogram canvas from 1959.


It is one of those models that the groom wears with a lot of energy.


Size: 82mm x 82mm x 115

2012 - Grome bleu M99557 - Groom glass dome blue Shanghai Plaza 66 Maison July 18th 2012 Louis Vuitton gift VIP Gift

2012 - Blue Grome

M99557 - Groom glass dome blue  

Shanghai Plaza 66 House July 18th 2012


Ultra limited edition created for the inauguration of the first Maison Louis Vuitton in Shanghai, on July 18, 2012. The Plaza 66 is a complex composed of two skyscrapers located in Puxi in the Jing'an district, in the center of Shanghai. The tallest building measures 288 m for 66 floors. It was finished in 2001. The other building measures 228 m for 48 floors and was finished in 2006.

Louis Vuitton inaugurated its first House in Shanghai. Designed by architect Peter Marino, the four-storey house is located at Plaza 66. The evening began at 9 p.m. with a parade featuring the Art of Travel. This was followed by the inauguration of the new store. Many personalities from all over the world were present for the occasion. Alain Delon, Antoine Arnault, Marc Jacobs, but also fashionistas: Laëtitia Casta, Clémence Poésy, Poppy Delevingne or even Alexa Chung, to name but a few.


Size: 82mm x 82mm x 115


Ultra Rare

2013 - The Louis Vuitton Aero trunk

2013 - The Louis Vuitton Aero trunk 

From the end of the 19th century, Louis Vuitton made a specialty of accompanying the elegant traveler in all situations, even the most extreme.  


The "Air Ballon" glass dome is inspired by a black ink drawing signed by Pierre-Emilie Legrain, dated from the 1910s. It represents a man sleeping in a Louis Vuitton trunk transformed into a hot air balloon basket. While Louis Vuitton has never designed a carrycot in Monogram canvas, the House has been able to quickly develop practical accessories for traveling in a balloon.  

As early as 1906, it presented a project for an unsinkable trunk, whose name "Aéro" would be officially registered two years later. She then designated a trunk that could be attached to the basket of a free balloon. In 1910, the Maison's catalogs and advertisements even claimed that the "Aéro" trunk ensured "the buoyancy of the nacelles in the event of a fall at sea. Rigorously sealed closure". 

"the Hot Air Balloon" by Pierre-Emile Legrain, Circa 1910
"the Hot Air Balloon" by Pierre-Emile Legrain, Circa 1910

In 1920, at the fifth air show held at the Grand Palais, novelties were legion and authorized circles wondered what exactly to call these flying machines. "Aéro" is now the name of an extra-light trunk for men. weighing 18 kilos empty, it was designed and studied for air travel, and can carry 8 to 12 kilos of clothing. 

Wardrobe Louis Vuitton globe snow gift


Alma blag snow Louis vuitton gilf

Alma bag 

hotel trolley snow trunk louis vuitton globe vip gift

hotel trolley

2019 - Vivienne snow globe

2019 - Vivienne snow globe

The Vivienne snow globe is a magical decoration celebrating the Christmas spirit. Vivienne, the mascot of the Louis Vuitton gift collection, is represented as a Snow Queen on an elegant golden stand. This piece bears the Louis Vuitton signature.

Dimensions: 8.5 x 10.0 x 8.5cm  

glass globe

Gold metal base

Eye detail in Monogram Flower

Signature Louis Vuitton

Price December 2019: 670 euros

2020 - Gaston snow globe

2020 - Gaston snow globe

This Gaston snow globe is a magical and fascinating collector's item. Carefully crafted in glass embellished with metallic finishes, this piece features Louis Vuitton's new mascot, groom Gaston. This model is enhanced by subtle motifs emblematic of the Maison such as engraved Monogram flowers and LV Initials arranged around the base of the globe.

Price December 2020: 800 euros

2021 - Petula snow globe vivienne - GI0690

2021 - Petula snow globe vivienne - GI0690

Enhanced by elegant emblematic elements of the Maison, this Petula snow globe joins the collection of festive decorations. This novelty piece features the new Petula figurine dressed as a deer, and featuring polished metal antlers. Once shaken, this ball releases a rain of artificial snow and small glittery Monogram flowers that evoke the magic of winter.

Dimensions: 85 x 85 x 105mm

Price December 2021: 800 euros

2022 - Skki snow globe vivienne - GI0815

2022 - Skki snow globe vivienne - GI0815

This Vivienne Ski snow globe captures the magic of the holidays. This decorative object features the adorable character Vivienne sitting at the top of a mountain, ready to hit the ski slopes. Punctuated with House notes such as Monogram flower snowflakes and a Louis Vuitton signature, this piece is a true collector's item.

Dimensions: 85 x 85 x 105mm

Price December 2022: 980 euros

A recurring problem with Alma / Vivienne snow globes:

A recurring problem with Alma / Vivienne snow globes:

On some of the old " Alma bag " snow globes offered and " Vivienne " produced between 2019 and 2020 sold in stores:

The water becomes cloudy. Appearance of mould, fungus and oxidation of interiors. 

In case of boredom, if you acquired it new at Louis Vuitton. The after-sales service often offers reimbursement with a voucher.

2022 - Snow ball xmas  - R95020

2022 - Snow ball xmas  - R95020

this snow globe was offered at Christmas 2022. In a different shape from what it was done previously representing under the snow, the back of the family house in Asniére sur Seine, with a Vivienne in a trunk and a key giant on the ground.


Be careful, a lot of counterfeiting circulates.



Louis Vuitton Pyramid gift vip

Louis Vuitton Pyramid

LOUIS VUITTON. Pyramid-shaped paperweight in yellow plexiglass containing inclusions of nails, keys, part of the zipper, elements signed Louis Vuitton.

Size: 80mm x 80mm x 80mm

Louis VUITTON mini brass trunk.

Louis VUITTON mini brass trunk.

Small golden brass paperweight mail trunk

Dimensions: 5 x 1.8 x 2.7cm

Louis Vuitton crystal trunk

Louis Vuitton crystal trunk

Paperweight featuring a crystal "cabin" trunk, engraved with a stable band and the Maison's logo.

Size: 8cm x 5cm x 3.5cm.

Louis Vuitton crystal paperweight

Louis Vuitton crystal paperweight

Year: 2010

Model: Paperweight

Size: 80mm x 50mm x 50mm

3D holographic engraving crystal.

Car clipboard Year: 2019 The Voguez Volez Voyagez paperweight

Car clipboard

Year: 2019

The Voguez Volez Voyagez paperweight is the fruit of Gaston Louis Vuitton's childhood memories. Inspired by the House's spirit of travel, this desk decoration brightens up workdays. The Louis Vuitton key emblem adds a touch of refinement to this playful piece.

16.0 x 16.0 x 7.0cm  

Gold and silver metal

Solid engraved Monogram motif

Price April 2020: 1,340 euros



There are hundreds of other VIP gifts, below is a small selection of the rarest, and nice Louis Vuitton VIP gifts:

Groom Louis Vuitton soft toy

Groom Louis Vuitton soft toy   

"Le Groom" doll with two must-have pieces of luggage from Maison L. Vuitton:

  • a Steamer Bag
  • a Keepall bag  

Groom size: 30 cm

Louis Vuitton fragrance box gift Vip

Louis Vuitton fragrance box

Materials: alabaster stone carved in the mass interior: volcanic stone  

Made in Italy.

History of the fragrance box  

Alabaster fragrance box is a unique and luxurious travel item, redesigned by Lousi vuitton in the purest artisanal tradition. This noble ornamental stone extracted from the soil of the Tuscany region was originally used for perfume vases.

Today, Louis Vuitton perpetuates this tradition:

Louis Vuitton fragrance box

the box, with its rounded shapes, was fashioned with one of the best know-how of Italian craftsmen.

Inside, shards of volcanic stone from Tuscany have been bleeding bathed in a natural concentrate of fig essence. This essence, which recalls the aromas of the Mediterranean, is extracted from the region of Grasse (France), the cradle of French perfumery.  

The exceptional properties of alabaster allow a slow diffusion of the fragrance through the translucent walls, which by their purity, make it a wonderful decorative object. The lid is decorated with subtly printed Monogram flowers. The origin of the fragrance box dates back to the Etruscans, a traveling people of the 8th century BC, settled in Tuscany (Italy) who established this custom to embalm the outfits of the time. Lousi Vuitton, a pioneer in the art of travel, is now recomposing this ancestral tradition to perfume your clothes, your room or your wardrobe on a daily basis as well as when travelling. Faithful to its origins as a layetier-packer, the house crosses the generations, with the Box of its know-how in an extreme concern for quality.


Directions for use:  

1. When traveling, transport the box in its original packaging.

2. For discreet use, allow the fragrance to diffuse without removing the lid. For a more intense diffusion of the fragrance, lift the lid.

Louis Vuitton Scented Candle Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Scented Candle 

Size: 78mm x 78mm x 98mm  

Material: Case in smoked Plexiglas, screen-printed Monogram. Candle in a glass container.

Composition: 140 g candle, 100% vegetable wax, cotton wick 

The Louis Vuitton scented candle has been designed for your greatest pleasure from vegetable waxes and carefully selected fragrances. Presented in an original box specially designed for this purpose, it can accompany you on a trip and thus allow you to instantly recreate a refined and delicate atmosphere wherever you are.

Louis Vuitton Scented Candle

Approximate duration: 40 hours

Use and maintenance: during the first combustion, it is recommended to  burn the candle for around 1h30. Check that the wick is straight and centered when extinguishing it.

Before each use, trim the wick by around 5 mm to ensure optimal burning and to avoid any smoke. In order to preserve the fragrance, do not empty the liquid wax when the candle liquefies  

Even extinguished, this candle gives off a pleasant fragrant smell.

To put on a desk or on the dressing table of a room.

Louis Vuitton wooden mikado games

Louis Vuitton wooden mikado games 

 Model:  Mikado Games

Color: mahogany  

Materials: wood of different species  

Size: 228mm x 38mm x 35mm

Before play begins, all sticks must be held together in one hand and the player drops them on the table. Each player must remove the sticks from the pile, one at a time and without disturbing their neighbors. The player continues to pick up sticks for as long as he can. If another stick is moved in this process, the player will lose their turn. The winner of the game is the player with the highest score. There are 41 sticks. The lighter colored sticks represent 2 points, the slightly darker sticks 5 points, then 10 points etc.

Louis Vuitton mini Monogram bookmark

Louis Vuitton mini Monogram bookmark 

Model: Murakami mini multicolored bookmark

Made in France

Colour: Murakami white canvas,  beige

Year: 2005

Materials: one side in coated canvas, one side in  Natural Vegetable Tanned Cowhide

Size: 130mm x 40mm

Chic and elegant, the canvas was born from the legendary collaboration between Marc Jacobs and Takashi Murakami in 2002.

Louis Vuitton mini Monogram bookmark

Marc Jacobs collaborated to reinvigorate the iconic brand with Takashi Murakami, it was a huge success, bringing worldwide notoriety to the artist and the brand. Art movement, a style that fuses traditional Japanese aesthetics with post-war Japanese culture, pop and colorful. The choice of a Japanese artist is no coincidence, when we know that 94% of 20-year-old women in Tokyo own at least one Louis Vuitton bag.


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