Louis Vuitton second hand bag price record estimate and quotation

Whether you are a Louis Vuitton fan or just curious, this ranking of the 10 Louis Vuitton objects that have broken records for the highest selling price at auction, will surprise you from start to finish!


Louis Vuitton ... A name known all over the world, which it is enough to pronounce to charm any fashion lover. It is one of the most famous luxury brands in the world for over 166 years, for its vintage handbags of course, but also for its prestigious luxury trunks, prized for decoration and relentlessly sought after by collectors around the world.


Even if Louis Vuitton articles have sold more expensive in new (boutique price) or in art galleries, antiques, or during confidential sales between seasoned collectors, we have prepared a small ranking of the top 10 items from used Louis Vuitton auctioned.


Please note: the prices indicated below include auction costs between 24% and 28%, so it is not the price the seller got back, but the price the buyer paid. Indeed, when you sell in the auction room you have to withdraw taxes, duties, auction fees ... 


Against all expectations in this top 10 Louis Vuitton auction items this is the only bag. If the price of new bags surpasses many of the sales results below, the price in second hand collapses completely, even for models in exotic skin or very limited editions. Except for this set of 3 items guaranteed authentic.

Marc Jacobs, then artistic director of Louis Vuitton, collaborated to rejuvenate the emblematic monogram brand in 2002 with Takashi MurakamiThey create the multicolored black canvas and the white multicolored canvas. It was a huge success, bringing worldwide notoriety to the artist and the brand. Perfect alliance of traditional Japanese culture and French know-howThe success was immediate, a major collaboration that lasted more than 13 years between the Japanese artist and the French luxury house.


Sotheby's Hong Kong, October 2014

Louis Vuitton Murakami luggage set - € 11,630
Louis Vuitton Murakami luggage set - € 11,630

Sale price: 11,630 €


Lot 2 bags and 1 suitcase LV Murakami - circa 2005

Bags  : each with a leather strap for the handles, eight fabric compartments for the shoes

Dimension: 35 cm x 45 cm x 25 cm

Suitcase  : A removable tray in the suitcase.

Drawing and signature of Takashi Murakami on the top of the leather, canvas and brass chest

Dimension: 23 cm x 71 cm x 48 cm 



Louis Vuitton 1907 Cabin Trunk is a record for a production cabin trunk in very average condition, where the supposedly far from realistic provenance raised the stakes.

October 2019 at Sotheby's.

Louis Vuitton cabin trunk - € 23,350 bad condition
Louis Vuitton cabin trunk - € 23,350

Sale price: 23 350 € 


Louis Vuitton 1907 chest

Louis Vuitton chest possibly from the Louis Comfort Tiffany collection With an interior storage tray.

The trunk was purchased from an estate in New Jersey in the 1970s, possibly the former home of Joseph Briggs, head of the mosaic department at Tiffany Studios and personal friend of Louis Comfort Tiffany.

record prix malle cabine Louis Vuitton en salle des vente vintage mauvais etat

According to Louis Vuitton archives, the serial number of the trunk indicates that it was produced around 1907, but does not confirm the owner. In addition to the two LCT stenciled monograms at each end, the trunk bears numerous travel labels, one of which refers to Oyster Bay, New York, near Tiffany's residence at Laurelton Hall. Although not documented, the circumstantial evidence surrounding the current trunk supports the theory that it traveled to Louis Confort Tiffany and accompanied him on his travels around the globe.

Dimension: 34 cm x 91 cm x 54 cm


Louis Vuitton explorer trunk - € 25,000
Louis Vuitton explorer trunk - € 25,000


Long gone unnoticed, explorer's trunks are of particular interest to collectors and break price records. 

Sold at Drouot at Gros & Delettrez December 2012 

Sale price: 25,000 € 

Louis Vuitton explorer trunk record selling price in 2012 collection cote scribe zinc JWR

Louis Vuitton trunk

Rue Scribe n ° 30143 "Hermetic" trunk in zinc, JWR numbered, beech reinforcements, borders, locks, gilt brass handles, interior in a beige canvas frame.


Dimensions 100 cm x 50 cm x 34cm



Themed trunks, like office trunks have always been the dream of many collectors, tearing them off, this Stokowski office trunk is a good example.

Sold at Gros & Delettrez in October 2015

Louis Vuitton office trunk record price vintage trunk perfect condition drouot auction room
Louis Vuitton office trunk - € 30,000

Result of sale price: 30 000 €


Louis Vuitton Stokowski trunk circa 1930

Avenue Champs Elysées n ° 797740, lock n ° 082865 "Stokowski" secretary trunk in stenciled monogram canvas, lozenge borders, top and side openings, closures, corners, golden brass hinges, leather handles, interior in orange vuittonite, compartmentalized by two lockers, removable separation, which can be transformed into a bookcase, four drawers, one of which acts as a mail filing cabinet on a frame with a green Russian leather bottom, beech grips, the side leaf turns into a retractable table covered in leather. green origin, today with tawny patina, beech borders and feet.

Dimensions 41 cm x 47 cm x 96 cm



This exceptional sale is not that of a trunk, but 3 Louis Vuitton red coated canvas trunks from 1910, which can be used to store a dismantled horse-drawn carriage. The design of his trunks and the period thereof are reminiscent of Albert Khan. This sale has long been the highest price for a Louis Vuitton sale.

On sale at Christie's Paris, in November 2013

Removable horse-drawn carriage and Louis Vuitton trunks - € 133,500
Removable horse-drawn carriage and Louis Vuitton trunks - € 133,500

Result of the sale: 133,500 €


Removable Tilbury and its Louis Vuitton 1910 trunks
The tilbury in varnished walnut, yellow and black relaquered wood, metal fittings, fitted at the front with two removable lanterns in black lacquered sheet metal signed  V. Morel, the tilbury bearing a plaque "MAISON. MOREL M. GRÜMMER FABRIQUE DE CARS 26, RUE CAMBACéRèS PARIS", the seat of the caned bench, trimmed with green leather, the grease axle, foldable and with removable spindles, the wheels with iron bandage, the stretchers slightly curved, with three storage trunks in red coated canvas, wooden rods, fittings in black lacquered metal, the sides provided with rope handles, the locks inscribed "RUE SCRIBE LOUIS VUITTON", the interior with compartments and removable trays, numbered, the smallest with the mark VV 9; the wheel axle shortened, the hood missing. 
Tilbury:   164 cm x 126 cm x 277 cm (Diameter of the wheels: 120 cm)

Two trunks: 58 cm x 112 cm x 33 cm and one trunk:  37 cm x 95 cm x 41 cm 



While the toiletries were shunned by collectors, in recent years a collective awareness, their fonts break records, they are snapped up for their qualities of achievements and their refinements are out of the ordinary, closer to watchmaking than baggage. This travel article was used by women to shine in society, to stay beautiful and fragrant in the four corners of the world and in all circumstances. The set is made of precious skin, solid silver, crystal, ivory, morocco, silk, goat velvet. This Louis Vuitton copy is exceptional made in 1936 covered with ostrich skin and reptile skin, the brushes are in tortoise shell. This toiletry set has long held the world record for the highest selling price surpassing trunks.

Sold in Drouot, at Gros & Delettrez on November 4, 2016.

Louis Vuitton toiletry bag - € 144,640
Louis Vuitton toiletry bag - € 144,640

Sale price: 144 640 €


Louis Vuitton 1936 coat rack

Magnificent, for Madame and Monsieur in brown ostrich leather, golden brass clasp, handle, interior in green lizard containing two tortoiseshell manicure sets, a set of art deco-inspired chiseled glass bottles and 925 thousandths silver. Good condition (wear).

Dimensions: 37 x 47 x 14 cm


This copy will be presented at the Legendary trunk exhibition in Amsterdam in February 2018, our partner for whom we are restoring the entire collection.



The insolent Supreme & Louis Vuitton collaboration presented at the Fall 2017 fashion show made a splash on the web especially among a young audience. The collection of trunk as the collection of bags being very limited and sold only in pre-order 6 months before, it was the object of a speculation never seen at Louis Vuitton. As evidenced by the result of the auction of this new trunk, just delivered to the customer, directly put in the auction room, sold more than 3 times its purchase price.

Sold at Christie's in 2017

Louis Vuitton supreme trunk - 149,825 €
Louis Vuitton supreme trunk - 149,825 €

Sale price: 149,825 €


Supreme courier trunk 90 cm 2017

Limited edition red and white monogram canvas

Louis Vuitton & Supreme.

90 cm mail trunk, nickel-plated jewelry finish

Include the bell and the keys.


Dimension: 90 x 51 x 48 cm



Today, aluminum is present in our daily life. Yet it was considered a precious metal when this explorer trunk was built in 1892! This extremely rare trunk is covered with solid aluminum, it has long remained a myth, the pinnacle of chic for explorers, a blend of new technology and French know-how. This truly unique trunk now holds the price of the most expensive trunk sold in the auction room.

Estimate: 56,000 - 112,000 euros world record aluminum mail trunk at auction Superb Louis Vuitton trunk
Louis Vuitton aluminum trunk - € 180,895

Sold at Christie's in December 2018

Sale price:  180 895 €


Louis Vuitton 1892 explorer mail trunk

Estimate  : 56,000 - 112,000 euros

Rare aluminum explorer trunk

Louis Vuitton, 1892

Dimension: 75 x 43 x 42 cm


Against all expectations the world record, for more than 12 years the highest price achieved for a Louis Vuitton article is neither a bag nor a trunk. But a furry toy, all dressed in Louis Vuitton!


Teddy bears became all the rage at the turn of the 20th century, after American newspapers reported that President Theodore Roosevelt refused to shoot a bear cub while hunting.

world record purchase Trunk Louis Vuitton OURSON LOUIS VUITTON- Louis Vuitton teddy bear - 1 400 000 fr - 215 000 €
Louis Vuitton teddy bear - 1 400 000 fr - € 215 000

Teddy Bears quickly became collector's items. The obsession with bears reached the top in 2000, the German company Steiff, specializing in the manufacture of soft toys, released it in an outfit invented by Louis Vuitton designers. This unique bear named "PADDYNGTON" with an elegant hat, raincoat and a president's suitcase was auctioned for the benefit of the association "Monaco Aide et Présence" and bought by Korean businessman Jesse Kim. This toy proudly takes its place in the Teddy Bear Museum in the South Korean city of Cheju.


The sale took place in October 2000 when this bear sold for 1.4 million francs.


Sale price: 215 000 €


This astonishing and colorful trunk, painted with the mythical "polka dots" by the famous Japanese artist  Yayoï Kusama  (born in 1929 in Matsumoto), was offered to  Yves Carcelle  (1948 - 2014),  marketing genius  and close collaborator of Bernard Arnauld. He was, among other things,  CEO of the Louis Vuitton subsidiary between 1990 and 2012  within the LVMH group. This trunk was given to him in 2012 the year of his departure following his fight against cancer. 


While modern pvc canvases do not interest collectors of old trunks, this one breaks all records and makes this sale an event.
Louis Vuitton 2012 courier trunk - € 239,40
Louis Vuitton 2012 courier trunk - € 239,40
Sold at  Sotheby's  in December 2020
Sale price:  239,400 €


Mail trunk Yayoi Kusama 2012
Estimate  : 80,000 - 120,000 euros 
From the collection of Yves Carcelle 
Louis Vuitton trunk, acrylic paint 
signed Yayoi Kusama, dated 2012 
Dimension: 71 x 111 x 62 cm
A world record that seems insurmountable for several years.


While they were only worth a few thousand euros at auction in the 90s'.

Louis Vuitton trunks prove to be a very good investment when they are of high quality and their restorations comply with the rules of the art. A progression curve for more than 30 years, as the monogrammed luxury house increases its popularity and the value of its models is constantly increasing. Vintage fashion lover, decoration fan, combine your pleasures.