Restauration des intérieurs de malles Louis Vuitton et Goyard



Traditionally the upholsterer, also called upholsterer or upholsterer-decorator, dresses armchairs and apartment interiors, making and installing wall hangings, curtains and blinds. He uses all kinds of fabrics or leather, as well as many other materials (horsehair, wool, cotton, silk…).  


The profession of  upholsterer in luxury trunk Louis Vuitton, Goyard, Moynat is for its part much more confidential, a mixture of upholstery and  leather upholstery . In the context of a restoration , it is not possible to clean the tissue, the only solution is to replace it.

toile renfort pour malle ancienne réparation Louis Vuitton

Interlining definition  : The trunks are lined with white canvas glued over the entire surface, this is called " full gluing ". Traditionally, the glue used is  strong glue  (fish or bone glue), this explains the rise of glue which forms brown spots, in the event of humidity. The trunks being airtight, the interiors are very often stained.

intérieur malle explorateur Louis Vuitton toile forte secret

The tapestry takes place throughout the making of the trunk. It is not about a single layer of fabric, the whole secret of the lightness of the luggage lies in the reduction of the thicknesses of wood. Once the barrel is assembled, all the interior panels are covered with a reinforcement canvas, the wood is therefore sandwiched between the exterior canvas and the interior reinforcement canvas, creating a very solid structure by stratification.  


Comes the lozinage , the installation of wooden slats   and jewelry inbrass as well as all exterior elements. A second inner layer, called fine canvas, is placed before the final canvas, which prevents perspiration from nails and rivets. Finally,  the 3rd and last luxurious and delicate canvas covers the interior of the trunk. 

capiton capot malle louis vuitton couvercle restauration


Quilting definition  : Quilting is a padded trim, stitched in several places. Each stitch is marked by a brass nail  , a successful quilting is the volume of generosity. It is located under the trunk lid. It is very fragile and often needs to be restored.


malle wardrobe goyard restauration toile intérieur


Malle wardrobe Goyard in 1920

Partial restoration of the interior, the interior canvas of the drawers is preserved, only the exterior is replaced by a textile of the same color, of the same type and of the same weaving.

  Malle Louis Vuitton Circa 1890 Restauration partiel de l'intérieur dans nos ateliers, seul le capiton sera restauré. Les matériaux sont les memes, après restauration il n'est pas possible de savoir que celui ci a était refait.


Louis Vuitton trunk Circa 1890

Partial restoration of the interior in our workshops, only the quilting will be restored. The materials are the same, after restoration it is not possible to know that this one has been redone.

  Malle courrier Louis Vuitton de 1890 Restauration du capiton et de l'entoilage


Louis Vuitton courier trunk from  1890

Restoration of quilting and canvas  

  Malle Wardrobe Louis Vuitton de 1914 Restauration extreme l'intérieur est totalement manquant.


Trunk Louis Vuitton Wardrobe from 1914 

Extreme restoration the interior is totally missing.

  Malle cabine Louis Vuitton de 1890 Les rubans ont étés remplacé.


Louis Vuitton cabin trunk  from 1890

The ribbons have been replaced. 

  Malle cabine Louis Vuitton de 1920 Le capiton a était conservé l'entoilage en coton refait à l'identique.


Louis Vuitton cabin trunk from 1920 

The quilting has been preserved the cotton fabric redone identically.

 Malle courrier Louis Vuitton Circa 1895 l'intérieur a était entièrement démonté et restauré.


Louis Vuitton mail trunk Circa 1895 

the interior was completely dismantled and restored.

  Malle Wardrobe Louis Vuitton intérieur partiellement restaurée.  Les tiroirs manquant on etait refait et recouvert de toile Vuittonite orange.


Partially restored Louis Vuitton Wardrobe trunk  interior.  

The missing drawers were redone and covered with orange Vuittonite canvas.

 Malle cabine Louis Vuitton Intérieur entièrement refait a l'identique


Louis Vuitton cabin trunk 

Interior completely redone identically


comment nettoyer malle ancienne Louis Vuitton

How to maintain your old trunk?

You have recovered a trunk in an attic, you have bought a trunk that you display in your living room. How to use and maintain it without damaging it. Precautions for use.


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