The  jewelry  is all the hardware, mainly in brass, which can be found in  leather goods,  saddlery  and briefcases.

The  jewelry  is all the hardware, mainly in brass, which can be found in  leather goods,  saddlery  and briefcases.


These jewelry stores are sometimes damaged, oxidized, our role is to restore them to their original  appearance  and  function.  It would be quicker to replace the whole with a   "generic" replica part of new manufacture. But to restore it is to start from a damaged authentic part   and to complete only the deteriorated elements while retaining a maximum of original elements. When restoring time does not count, only the result matters.

We also buy Louis Vuitton "wreck" trunks. For example a trunk where the canvas is missing or  too damaged to be restored . These trunks then end up in pieces to supply our stock. In extreme cases where the part is missing, we can then replace it with an old, authentic part of the same generation and of the same model.


The guarantee to offer the most beautiful  authentic restorations  of luxury trunks.


Many pieces in brass or steel are marked "Louis Vuitton". None of the parts that we manufacture or elements of restoration carry an inscription at the risk of being assimilated to counterfeit.  We remind that only the Louis Vuitton company has the right to affix its mentions. Even if rarer it is the same for Goyard and moynat only they have the right to put their name on an object.


bijouterie laiton serrure vuitton malle et ses clous laiton incrochetable


The top quality trunks are closed by  extremely sturdy  locks with a patented multigrip mechanism,  as indicated on the locks themselves.


Georges Vuitton , son and successor of Louis Vuitton, perfected the tumbler lock, reputed to be  "unpickable". Each lock has an individual number for each customer, which allows the customer to open all their luggage with the same key. The lock number has no link with the serial number which is inside the baggage, specific to each baggage. There are therefore as many different keys as there are locks. 

clef malle ancienne louis Vuitton


The locks are placed separately on each piece of luggage, at mid-length, exactly under the leather strap or under the handle. These locks  protect the contents of the luggage  from thieves and onlookers.


This part is one of the most damaged parts on trunks and suitcases, often forced when the  key is lost,  or the  lock seized,  all pretexts are good to force these strong boxes.




To open this trunk, the previous owner decided that the best solution was to cut the hasp ring like a bandit ... carnage! We will take you  behind the scenes of a restoration , step by step. W e strive every day to bring old trunks back to life by  keeping 100% of the pieces  present so as not to lose this authenticity.

laiton serrure malle louis vuitton oxydé
  • Disassembly:  The lock was already partially disassembled. We had to unlock the locking system in order to free the lower part.
  • Preparation of the surface: The steps aim to prepare the surface for welding: deoxidation, passage in a degreasing bath, preparation of the surfaces to be welded
  • Soldering:  The brass must be heated to a temperature of  920 ° so that it melts.
  • Shaping:  We are going to remove the excess solder, redrawing the contours and curves of the part. This is done by eye and by hand with different tools. The know-how of the goldsmith.

Conclusion:  All these steps are essential, none is superfluous. Only the combination and the mastery of all these actions are the guarantee of an impeccable result.


reparer moraillon de serrure Louis Vuitton


On this Louis Vuitton toiletry set from 1920

The hasp which is the upper part of the  lock has  been forced.  Dented, welded,  we repaired it keeping  100% of the original parts.


serrure a gorges louis vuitton malle automobile

We then set about restoring only the lost part as on this automobile trunk dust cover, the Vuitton automobile trunks and luggage were placed behind the cars, and this small rotary valve protected the mechanism from dust. We cut the part from solid brass, taking care to faithfully respect the characteristics of the original.


Révision d'un mécanisme à gorge Malle Louis Vuitton


Like an old watch mechanism, the mechanism of the groove locks is invisible, hidden in the case. Even if it is not visible, we pay great attention to its details which make the difference, and the quality of a job well done. We ultrasonically clean these mechanisms to ensure they function properly for years to come.


The key is often lost, so it is common to have an old trunk without its keys.

A trunk is a real safe, despite the promises of invulnerability of this mythical so-called unpickable lock, thanks to the unique lock number we determine the shape of the key ** and are able to manufacture it *, whatever your Louis trunks Vuitton over its last 138 years.


Like any mechanism, it is very poetic, even magical, to slide the key into the keyhole, to turn it. And hear the bit activate the grooves which, in a precise choreography, release the bolt which locks or unlocks the buckle of the hasp. 


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The locks are framed by two matching clasps, also called buckle, the model of which is also patented. This closure system is characteristic. The solid brass elements that compose it are the support of various registered markings, involving the initials or the name of Louis Vuitton, Goyard or Moynat.

Usinage malle vuitton

In some cases, the lever is completely missing, we make it, in a block of solid brass, we trace the 2 projections (view A and B). Then we sculpt it by hand. This work requires a lot of time, precision and a real know-how of a metal sculptor. Unlike cast parts, parts cut in the mass are much more resistant.

fermoir louis vuitton malle cabine en coin laiton


On this Louis Vuitton cabin trunk from 1920, the two clasps are completely broken. After dismantling we restored the whole. 

levier malle moynat


On this Moynat trunk lever. We have soldered brass and shaped this raw piece so that it finds its full utility. 


Fabrication d'équerre en laiton ou acier pour malle louis vuitton et goyard


It is not uncommon to find hardware stores eaten away by rust and oxidation. These accessories have a real reinforcement function and participate in the structure of the trunk. There is therefore no choice but to replace them. We have to redo them identically both in terms of the nature of the steel, as well as the thickness, shape and finish. 

Fabrication usinage piece en laiton ou acier malle louis vuitton et goyard

Cutting steel sheets with shears, deburring, chamfering, drilling, bending as many steps for a result consistent with the origin.


poignée malle lv vuitton laiton

The contemporary handles are made of cowhide left in its natural color. The old handles, prior to 1914, are generally in brass on the 1st series  or in steel on the other series.


The handle is the contact area between the hand and the luggage, it is often the part of the trunk most exposed to stress. We restore in our workshops the broken handles whose fastener is broken and manufacture the missing handle. Brass is a very delicate material to shape and solder.


clou 12 mm en laiton massif louis vuitton gravé malle


Nails and rivets are essential elements in the construction of a trunk. Generally the head is in solid brass, sometimes in copper, sometimes in aluminum , the rod is itself always in steel. A trunk is made up of several hundred nails or rivets, their locations are not linked to chance. It has been expertly studied by the house of Louis Vuitton, Goyard, or Moynat. They securely hold all jewelry, slats and other items to the wooden barrel .

clous 8mm et 12 mm louis vuitton malle authentique trunk

A disassembled rivet can no longer be used because it becomes too short. So we have to weld a new steel rod. The weld must be perfect because the forces exerted during the matting of the rivet are very important. Our expertise as a boilermaker allows us to weld the nail heads to new rods.


clous vuitton nickelé chromé malle lv


In the event that the jewelry stores have a surface treatment, as on certain automobile trunks or wardrobe trunk interiors ... we have our authentic antique jewelry treated identically to the origin. This treatment is carried out in Paris by our friend and partner  Bertin Aubert .


Louis Vuitton cabin trunk in Mark I checkered canvas from 1890, copper-colored jewelry it was faded over time, so we restored the surface treatment to find the original appearance. 


laiton polissage lasers malle vuitton coffre

Once the technical parts have been repaired, we proceed to cleaning and polishing, aesthetics and cosmetics of the jewelry. Historically, all brass in  Louis Vuitton, Goyard, Moynat, Aux Tourists, Rotival and Hermes  trunks were polished to a high gloss. Just like the brasses of porte cocheres, luxury watches, family silverware, fine jewelry ...


The brasses of the luxury trunks are maintained and polished by the house staff or their owner.
polissage brillant malle vuitton fermoirs laiton massif

The polisher's job is to find the original condition of the luggage before its last trip. It is not to find a new trunk or a new brass, just to find the condition of the luggage if it had never been abandoned and if it had been maintained throughout its life.

Polishing is a succession of high precision steps that allow you to find the original shiny finish. The small strokes on the brass are preserved, we remove only the oxidation, the dirt, without deforming the surface.


Note: The more properly polished the brass, the easier it is to maintain.


reconnaitre un bon polissage du laiton Malle Louis Vuitton

On this Louis Vuitton trunk bought by one of our customers. He asked us to "resume" all the restoration of the trunk including the polishing of the brass because entrusted to the wrong person. The nylon brush used completely plowed, deformed the surface, a massacre ... An additional financial cost which the customer would have done well. These marks caused by a brush are not marks of use and are not part of the soul of the luggage, it is just the damage of a bad restoration. 


Louis Vuitton Alzer 65 suitcase from  1990

Polishing of brass abandoned in a cellar.


Louis Vuitton aluminum explorer trunk from  1892

Cleaning of solid aluminum.


Louis Vuitton zinc explorer trunk  from  1889

Cleaning to regain the original condition of the trunk. LV trunk covered with zinc and solid brass. 



Polissage laiton secret machine laser


How to recognize a good polishing of brass?

You want to buy an old Louis Vuitton trunk, we will help you to recognize a good polishing of the brass, so you will be able to differentiate the brushed brasses, or passed under acid, polished brasses in the rules of the art.  


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