Louis Vuitton 200th anniversary advertisement

Publicité Louis Vuitton avec Alicia Vikander


The ad only lasts a minute and twenty seconds, yet behind the scenes more than 100 people collaborated on this project . And 1 month of meeting and work before filming.


Indeed, when it comes to the image of the Louis Vuitton house , each department has its say. We could write a book about this story, given the many twists and turns, each day the project took a new turn.

Publicité Louis Vuitton avec Alicia Vikander

The chosen muse is Alicia Vikander , famous rising star of European cinema, the Swedish actress with 49 awards, 20 nominations and 1 Oscar . She knew how to make this advertisement young, dynamic and romantic.


This is the first Louis Vuitton video advertisement where an old trunk is displayed. Malle2luxe is the benchmark in collector's trunks , so it was only natural that we were asked to provide and prepare the trunk for filming.

publicité Louis Vuitton malle ancienne coin en laiton

This advertisement celebrates the 200th anniversary of the birth of Louis Vuitton, Founder of the House. Born August 4, 1821 in Anchay (Jura), Louis Vuitton was only 14 years old when he decided to leave his family and travel France on foot to Paris where he would become a legendary trunk maker and packer. This ad celebrates and traces this remarkable saga in a metaphorical way, from the birth of travel to modern times.

publicité Louis Vuitton malle ancienne courrier 110 cm 1906

The chosen trunk is a 110 cm mail trunk from 1906, Mark 1 monogram canvas  , leather border , brass handles . A very classic and sober model. The wish to have an old trunk that had to be chic without being a ruin , or filthy, luxurious vintage. The trunk had to be large enough to hold a camera for the scene where the actress opens the trunk.

Publicité Louis Vuitton malle ancienne intérieur bordeaux prune.

We are proud to have been able to offer the general public the vision of an old trunk whose exterior is perfectly preserved , with brasses that shine without a metallic brush , a patinated canvas without varnish or paint.


We would like to thank  Louis Vuitton and the production, the director as well as all the people who collaborated on this romantic and gentle advertisement who paid homage to Mr Louis Vuitton , while enhancing the fine jewelry and our trunk.