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We have the privilege of being the official restorer for the world's largest trunk collector. This museum located in Sweden houses the most significant collection of vintage Louis Vuitton trunks in Europe and the world.

Here, you will discover the largest free archive database, covering brands such as Louis Vuitton, Goyard, and Moynat. This compilation spans over 418 pages. In 2023, rose to the top as the world's most visited website in the "Luxury Collectible Trunks" category, totaling 209,512 visits (an average of 588 visitors per day).

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Louis Vuitton antique trunk -

In these extraordinary narratives, we share our knowledge to preserve their memory, safeguard this exceptional heritage, and educate collectors while passing on our passion to future enthusiasts. We are here to guide you in your acquisitions, from the initial sketches of these vintage trunks and steamer trunks to the luxury travel trunks.


The boundless imagination of Louis Vuitton, François Goyard, Pauline Moynat, and Thierry Hermès fueled their endeavors in realizing the dreams of escape and adventure for their prestigious clients. Even when they designed flat trunks such as cabin trunks, mail trunks, and wardrobe trunks, their vision was to ensure that these luggage pieces could be transported in all directions, ensuring that their contents remained securely in place and arrived at their destination in perfect condition. The most precious possessions are often the most fragile, requiring specially designed luggage to protect them.


We are actively committed to combating the counterfeiting of Louis Vuitton products, fake Goyard items, Hermès imitations, and the deterioration of vintage trunks. Help us protect these collectible luggage memories, true companions of journeys from a time when travel was an art.


old chest trunk wood

Other trunk makers

Parisian trunk maker of yesterday and today, anonymous trunk..

décoration trunk appartement Louis Vuitton


When the trunk invites itself into our interiors.


acheter malles Louis Vuitton

10 points to check

Before buying a luxury trunk

lexique Malle Louis Vuitton


Know professional vocabulary. 


label-hotel-old-luggage-trunk-luxe Louis Vuitton

Label the hotel

The incredible story and this secret languages.


6 astuces pour dater votre Malle Louis Vuitton

6 tips for dating

Your Louis Vuitton trunk, label, engraving as many tracks

6 astuces pour dater votre Malle Louis Vuitton


Guide d'achat, estimer le prix de votre malle Louis Vuitton.




The art of luggage personalization.


entretenir sa malle de collection Louis Vuitton

Maintain his trunk

Precautions of use, clean his trunk or suitcase of collection


Free tutorial

How to make a decorative trunk?

Louis Vuitton

trunk Louis Vuitton


Luxury house founded in 1854 by Louis.

George Vuitton

Son of Louis, discover his history and his innovations.

modele Malle Louis Vuitton


mail, cabin, wardrobe, suitcase, shoe.

qualité serie Malle Louis Vuitton


Discover the different qualities and finishes.


lexique Malle Louis Vuitton


Know all stenciled fabrics, woven or coated.


All the secrets of lozine, materials without leather.

serrure Malle Louis Vuitton


Old locks and throat mechanism.

Malle Louis Vuitton


Paper labels and shop addresses.


expert estimate trunk Louis Vuitton


Expertise and estimate of old trunk.


Malle Louis Vuitton neuve

Price of new?

Evolution of the price of new, over 31 years.



Record auction

Top 10 records, bag, trunk and item in the auction room.

fake bag Louis Vuitton


Secret to recognize an authentic monogram bag.


Ventre votre malle Comment vendre en toute sécurité votre malle ?

Belly your trunk

How to safely sell your trunk?


Goyard trunk


Founded in 1853 by Françoisçon-cabas-saint-louis-goyard-occasion-comment-reconnaitre-authentique-sac-a-main-vintage/

Recognize true or false Goyard? 

Vintage bag authentication secret



trunk Moynat


Founded in 1876 by Pauline


history hermes


Founded in 1837 by Thierry


fake bag hermes

Recognize true or false Kelly? 

Secret of vintage bag serial numbers

point sellier reconnaitre sac hermes

Saddler's point

Recognize a saddle stitch hand stitch


restore old trunk Louis Vuitton rare conservation Paris

We are committed to protecting French heritage. Our specialties are rooted in the legacy of excellence in craftsmanship and are essential for achieving accomplished results.


As state-certified experts in traditional techniques, we are proficient in woodworking, metalwork, leatherwork, jewelry, and polishing. These skills ensure that our restoration work is carried out in accordance with the highest standards of craftsmanship:

Conservation  Faut il faire restaurer sa malle ancienne ? Louis Vuitton


Should you have your trunk restored?

Toile enduite  Restauration nettoyage

Coated canvas

Catering cleaning

Bois  Fabrication et traitement Louis Vuitton


Manufacturing and processing

Cuir Sellier et restauration Louis Vuitton malle


Saddler and restoration

Laiton  Reparation et polissage malle louis vuitton


Repair and polishing

Intérieur  Tapisserie et capiton malle louis vuitton


Tapestry and upholstery

Nos restaurations  Découvrir nos travaux malle louis vuitton

Our restorations

Discover our work

Clé perdue  Refaire une nouvelle clé   malle louis vuitton

Lost key

Make a new key


Gainerie workshop, we create custom-made jewelry cases for high-end jewelers on Place Vendôme, Swiss watchmaking, silverware, and curiosities or collectibles. In our workshops, the techniques and materials have remained unchanged since ancient times; time stands still and no longer matters, only the result does. Made in Paris. New website :

High jewelry case

Custom manufacturing

Price : € 855 without VAT

Jewelry box

Custom manufacturing

Price : €2,450 without VAT

ecrin a bague sur mesure en cuir joaillerie fabriqué en france

Suitcase layout

In a Louis Vuitton suitcase

Price: €1,850 without VAT

Aménagement de boite rolex

Rolex watch box

Box layout

Price: €650 without VAT

The Blog - News 2024 :

secret nettoyage laser laiton

Maintain Brass

New Tutorial video, new even simpler maintenance kit!

secret d'expert poignée vanity marquage Louis Vuitton


Expert secret, dating a vanity with the markings on the handles.



But what is leather? metal ? wood? All the secrets of this material.

publicité Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton advertising

Malle2luxe collaborates with L. Vuitton to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Louis.

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