avenue of the opera Paris trunk moynat 1849

Moynat trunks


Created in 1876 in the Opera district, the Moynat house quickly became a benchmark for travel items. Recognized for its traditional know-how, Moynat has notably become famous thanks to its creations intended for the automotive world, as well as its innovations which made the trunks lighter and waterproof…


Not to mention his remarkable participations in the Universal Exhibitions.


old moynat trunk


In 1965 Moynat - At the start merge 


Falling into disuse, the house closed its last store in 1976 but has continued to exist ever since, tossed from owner to owner, until its rebirth in March 2010 by the family holding Groupe Arnault, then its takeover by LVMH.


Ramesh nair artistic director malle moynat


Ramesh Nair, a gifted Indian recognized in the fashion world, was promoted to artistic director after having worked for a long time in ready-to-wear at Yamamoto, Alaïa, Lacroix, and eleven years at Hermès.


Thanks to his creative genius,  Moynat's success is dazzling  !


He will be thanked in July 2020 after 9 years of collaboration.

Guillaume david chairman and managing director moynat malle

Guillaume Davin,  brilliant collaborator of Bernard Arnault for many years, at Christian Dior and vice president of  Louis Vuitton Japan Expert in the Japanese market, becomes the Chairman and CEO of Moynat thanks to the confidence of Mr.  Arnault  to revive this legendary brand.


After 10 years, the one who accompanied the renaissance of the leather goods house returned to Japan to take over the management of Loewe Japon, another brand of leather goods and ready-to-wear from LVMH.


Lisa Attia  takes over the Moynat adventure in March 2020 as CEO .

In particular, she was for 5 years commercial director of cheap (LVMH) and since 2016 vice president of image merchandising in Europe and the Middle East of Sephora (LVMH).

Nicholas Knightly takes over in July 2020 as Artistic Director . Since 2004, he has notably been director of design for leather goods at Louis Vuitton, after working for Mulberry.



The arrival of this new pair marks a new stage which should accelerate the development of Moynat.



exceptional Moynat trunk shop

In less than 9 years, 26 stores and corners have opened around the world.

  • Los Angeles
  • Macau
  • Dubai
  • Taipei
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong
  • Chengdu
  • Shanghai
  • Beijing
  • Seoul
  • Tokyo
  • New York
  • London
  • Paris


Each shop is exceptional, the sober and refined design.


Each point of sale exhibits old trunks. 


Some come from our shop.




old wicker trunk moynat


1873 Wicker trunk

Moynat light wicker trunk called English trunk.

The model was later perfected and a new patent filed in 1889.

moynat city bag catalog

1878 City bag


First range of city bags and cute bags, with chamois lining, created by Pauline Moynat.



Rare medium leather bag and small price - sold

1878 Moynat ladies' city bag


Havana sachet bags. riveted square frame


With Moynat handles, canvas lining, pockets.


Model for lady 


Catalog reference: 141

circa 1890 Moynat courier trunk

Circa 1890


Moynat Courier trunk


1st series rustic manufacturing


Simple design, robust and light trunk

The Moynat Corner Limousine Trunk

 1905 Limousine trunk

For cars, with a curved base that exactly matches the rounded shape of the car's roof. 5 patents.


trunk restored in our malle2luxe workshops on behalf of Maison Moynat Paris. This trunk can be seen in the Moynat store at Bon Marché in Paris


cover for Moynat trunk


Cover for limousine trunk

Protective cover for automobile trunk.

old moynat heel trunk


1904 Trunk with heels

Invention of the heel box for cars. The heels raise the trunks, preventing damage to the bodywork and ensuring air circulation removing humidity between the roof and the luggage.

Moynat limousine half trunk

Circa 1910 Half limousine trunk


Consisted of a pair


patent unbreakable trunk moynat

1910 Patent

Invention of the extra light and unbreakable trunk

luxury leather and silk trunk case

Circa 1910


Pig leather box, yellow silk interior 


Excellence in refinement

old moynat mail trunk


Circa 1910 - Mail trunk with 2 Moynat locks


Trunk with straps and double locks

leather case with moynat bottle

Circa 1910 - Box with 3 Moynat bottles.


Moroccan leather, long grain.


The Moynat brand is renowned for its beautifully manufactured bottle cases.

Moynat leather case with 4 bottles

Circa 1910 - Box with 4 Moynat bottles


Moroccan leather


velvet interior 


Refined design

old trunk moynat automobile


1912 Car
trunk Rear trunk in the form of the bodywork, washable lacquered canvas

trunk old automobile luxury moynat


Moynat auto trunk


Summary of the patented or registered features of Moynat automobile luggage

old moynat automobile trunk 1912

Circa 1912 


Trunk Moynat automobile of particular shape 

Moynat 1920 leather suitcase

Circa 1920 


Moynat leather suitcase


Suitcase in cowhide leather, hand stitching, leather corners 

Two locks signed Moynat in brass


Empty interior, two leather straps.

Medium pigskin toiletries


Moynat complete toiletry case


For men.


With all its accessories 


Pig leather


with its nail manicure kit


Ivory handle

Moynat toiletry bag


Moynat toiletry bag


In pigskin or morocco leather, silverware, comb and ivory brushwork.


Moynat double lock case

Moynat suitcase with straps


Suitcase with double locks and double closing straps


Lozine and plain coated canvas

Medium cabin trunk orange

Circa 1920


Moynat cabin trunk


Orange canvas


Lozine border.


Trunk with 3 handles, typical of Moynat, to be carried in a suitcase or trunk.

Moynat cabin trunk

Circa 1920


Moynat cabin trunk


Dark checkered canvas


Lozine border.


Trunk with 3 handles, typical of Moynat, to be carried in a suitcase or trunk.

Moynat mail trunk


Circa 1920


Moynat courier trunk


Checkered canvas

Old MOynat hat trunk

Circa 1920


Moynat hat box


Suitcase in coated canvas, one leather handle.


Interior has 8 ribbons to hang your hat.

old moynat doll trunk

Circa 1920 - Moynat doll trunk


Very rare doll trunk 


Fabric interior on the theme of childhood and games.

Dark checkered outer fabric


Child's trunk , also called a  doll trunk .


This model is a replica of an adult trunk on a reduced scale. Ideal for storing your plays

Moynat multi-opening trunk


Moynat multiple opening mail box


Checkered canvas

1920 superb old trunk moynat


1920 Moynat canvas

Introduction of the initial Moynat canvas designed by Henri Rapin, a frame formed by a series of letters M, which becomes the house's discreet and elegant signature .

Automotive Moynat walking trunk


Circa 1920 Moynat


Automobile trunk walking feet.


The shape adapts to the vehicle body.


Discover this fantastic restoration.


This trunk was acquired by Maison Moynat for its Heritage collection.

La Malle moynat international exhibition corner


1925 trunk international exhibition

The red morocco trunk with a pretty studded frieze framing large blue leather palms won the diploma of honor at the international exhibition of modern decorative and industrial arts in 1925.

Thanks to this red trunk, Moynat won 13 medals at this exhibition

Medium crocodile suitcase, toiletries



Circa 1930 Croco toiletry case



Exceptional Moynat crocodile suitcase


Interior in ivory, crystal and silver metal

wardrobe trunk moynat M very rare

Circa 1920 - Moynat M



Moynat wardrobe and cabin trunk


Coated fabric M



brown moynat wardrobe



1930 wardrobe suitcase


Many innovations in wardrobe trunk.


Several patents are filed 


canvas: brown

Moynat wardrobe suitcase old trunk


1930 wardrobe suitcase


Many innovations in wardrobe trunk.


Several patents are filed 


Canvas: black

antique moynat leather desk accessory

Moynat desk accessories

2011 new moynat suitcase type car trunk



2011  men's suitcase

The brand returns to center stage

Moynat bike trunk


2011 - Moynat bicycle trunk




old label moynat trunk


March 4, 1902


Travel bags






5, place du Théâtre Français, 5

Angel of the avenue de l'Opéra 

Moynat trunk label 1908


June 9, 1908


Moynat trunks & all travel items


5, pl du Théâtre Français

13 Capron Street



logo old moynat trunk automobile luggage


Golden marking on leather, for a Moynat trunk limousine cover


MOYNAT automotive luggage


Patented manufacturing


5, place du Théâtre Français



Old morocco leather moynat logo


Marking on Moynat leather

old moynat logo

Moynat luggage





5, place du Théâtre Français



15? Coysevox Street


Telephone: CENTRAL 38-74



old label Moynat small train trunk

Trunks - wardrobes - Moynat


Trunks and travel items



5, place du Théâtre Français


1, avenue de l'Opéra


model factory 12, rue Coysevox


Telegraphic address: MOYNAMAL PARIS


Telephone: CENTRAL 38-74

old label Moynat small train trunk

1912 - Malles Moynat travel objects



5, place du Théâtre Français


1, avenue de l'Opéra


Model factory 12, rue Coysevox


MOYNAMAL PARIS telegraphic address


Old phone 238-74

Telephone new 2000 -62



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