Old used goyard cabin trunk

This Goyard cabin trunk from the 1910s has suffered the marks of time due to poor storage. The stained leather , dry,  of the cracked areas , attacked by moisture and missing parts A foul odor emanates from the leather imbued with the smell of the former owner's cigar. There are two schools:  

  • The first for hackers will consist in hiding poverty in order to make the whole drinkable, but still DIY.
Damaged goyard trunk, stained leather. brass handle
  • The second,  much more noble, more complex will consist in replacing the damaged leather, identically. This heritage conservation cannot be improvised and requires a  real know-how of the trunk maker.

This article will enlighten you on the  conservation of luxury trunk  in the rules of the art.    


Despite its leathers, this trunk is very healthy and the canvas, even if very dirty, let us predict that a restoration would sublimate it, on the program:

cornière cuir pointes laiton malle goyard
  • Canvas cleaning
  • Restoration of identical leathers 
  • Polishing of brass 

This article will only talk about leather restoration 



 Complete disassembly of this trunk to replace the leather.

Each nail must be carefully disassembled to be replaced during reassembly.

pointe coins laiton de malle et valise goyard

Cleaning the hardware stores,  we take advantage of all the brass elements  being removed to clean and polish them, ie more than 4,000 nails and tacks.

cuir vachette malle tannage végétale

Choosing the right materials,  n e have therefore select the cowhide1st choice, full-grain, 100% vegetable tanning, French production. It is an expensive product to buy but it is what was used originally.

tranchage cuir malle vuitton goyard atelier malle2luxe

Cut  all the strips to the exact width of the existing one needed for the project of this trunk. And  slicing of the leathers, which consists in cutting the thickness of the leather.

Goyard trunk leather work hand tool

Trimming  leather consists of regularly thinning one or more of its edges in order to facilitate folding and guarantee a perfect finish.

Marking of leathers ,  as part of this restoration of the Goyard trunk and in order to be as faithful to the existing one, we had a marking tool made.

Marking of leathers ,  as part of this restoration of the Goyard trunk and in order to be as faithful to the existing one, we had a marking tool made.

nailing on the bank of the old goyard trunk

Rives Clouage,  after finishing our leather rims, we put them down which is the guarantee of a waterproof baggage.


Reassembly of jewelry.


It is a pleasure to bring this old trunk back to life, which smells clean and has a bright future ahead of it.



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