Rolex boxes for several watches

On this page, we will discuss the subject of Rolex watch boxes , highlighting an intriguing feature. Indeed, it is curious to note that the more expensive the watch model, the more spacious its box . This apparent disproportion in case size raises some interesting questions, and some might even consider it the quintessential Swiss watchmaking mystery.


However, give free rein to your imagination: visualize a scenario where your authentic cases , designed to accommodate only one watch, could easily accommodate several of your precious pieces. Among them, we could mention the iconic GMT, Datejust, Oyster, Sea-dweller, Daytona, Air King Vintage and Rolex Submariner Red. But don't stop there, because these boxes could also house watch treasures from other renowned brands such as Patek Philippe, Breguet, Omega, Audemars Piguet, Cartier, Tag Heuer and Hublot. A space where exclusivity blends harmoniously with diversity.

Rolex boxes for several watches

We bring your aspirations as a watch collector to life by customizing the interior of your cases, an essential requirement for any Rolex enthusiast!


Reversibility in the spotlight : Given the importance of a box for an informed collector, all of the fittings are designed in a completely removable manner, without the use of nails or screws, but rather thanks to a perfect fit. This approach makes it possible to restore the original configuration of the case at any time.

Rolex boxes for several watches Louis Vuitton creation

Standard box: Opting for a watch box is like choosing a suit. Imagine buying pants in one size.


Commercially available watch boxes always seem to deviate from your wishes. Whether they are too large or too small, whether they are lacking in design, color, materials used or the size of the cushions, or whether they refuse to close due to the thickness of the the watch – indeed, a Rolex watch does not have the same proportions as a Richard Mille or a Jaeger-LeCoultre...


Commercially available watch boxes seem to consistently deviate from your wishes. Even high-end boxes from brands such as Louis Vuitton, Goyard, and Hermès fail to solve these essential issues: there is invariably one item that does not conform to your expectations, no matter how much you invest.


In a world where everything tends to become standard, we reconnect with the roots of craftsmanship and customization. The bespoke of yesteryear has given way to the standardized format, yet, ironically, we have never been so singular and unique.

Watch cushion : We are the only ones to offer genuine bespoke watch cases. We manufacture several sizes of watch cushions, in different dimensions and shapes to satisfy all requests. Each client is unique, so each box meets their specific needs.

Watch cushion  : We distinguish ourselves by reconnecting with authentic tailor-made watch cases. We manufacture a variety of watch cushions, offering several distinct sizes, dimensions and shapes, in order to respond comprehensively to all requests. Each customer has their own uniqueness, which means that each box is carefully designed to meet their specific needs.

Cushion for folding clasp : Created especially to integrate Rolex watch cases, reduced height of the cushion, and special shape underneath for the folding clasp.

Cushion for folding clasp : Designed specifically to fit into Rolex watch cases, this cushion is distinguished by its low height and its shape specially adapted below to accommodate the folding clasp.

Choice of colors and finishes : in made-to-measure, you can choose everything, the size of the cushion which is the extension of your wrist, the color of the fabrics or leathers, the density of the foam, the color of the topstitching... So many details so

Personalization : In the universe of made-to-measure, each element is at your discretion. From the size of the cushion which reflects the dimensions of your wrist, to the nuances of the fabrics or leathers, through the density of the foam and the color of the topstitching... All these elements, carefully taken into account, ensure that each arrangement becomes a unique piece, specially designed to meet your requirements.


We have the ability to make interiors in suede goatskin , a material of exceptional elegance, although very vulnerable to stains. If you want to fully enjoy your box without worries, microfiber is a particularly suitable alternative for lining interior spaces. Washable, stain resistant, with a velvet finish, it offers an ideal solution. A choice of 59 shades is available:

microfibre - 59 colors available


The cost of a custom adaptation is determined by the complexity of the work required and the number of watches to be integrated. You will discover below some examples of our achievements , as well as an indicative price list . These prices exclude the Rolex box and are starting amounts. The price will be adjusted according to the options you choose, as well as the colors available in stock.


Prices for customization:

  • For 2 watches: 435 euros excluding VAT (520 including VAT)
  • For 3 watches: 650 euros excluding VAT (780 including VAT)
  • For 10 watches: 2083 euros excluding VAT (2500 including VAT)
  • For 10 watches with leather option: 2375 euros excluding VAT (2850 including VAT)

For more detailed information, please contact us.


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The universe of made-to-measure opens the doors to the realization of all your wishes, where the only limits are those of your imagination . If the idea of transforming a suitcase, a box or a case into a functional space captivates you. Discover our suitcase interior design services , including for watches. Contact us

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