Valise a montres Louis Vuitton, président diplomate

If the President Louis Vuitton suitcase was very successful in the 1990s, when the attaché case was a real fashion accessory for men to show their power and strength in business, today they are an object of the past. . Emails have replaced paper documents.


However, in recent years, the President suitcase has made a comeback among collectors and lovers of old luggage. Ideal for storing important papers at home, hiding treasures, storing jewelry.

Amenagement interieur sur mesure Louis Vuitton bagage valise malle made in Paris

We will show you in this article the realization of several arrangements in Louis Vuitton suitcases, Rolex watch boxes, as well as in a military box. When the suitcase or the box is a collector's item and it has a real financial value, it would be detrimental to damage it by fitting it out, for this reason all of what we are going to manufacture will be removable in order to be able to find at any time the original condition of the baggage.


Made in Paris, made in Paris.


Valise Cotteville Louis Vuitton pour 16 montres

In this magnificent Louis Vuitton vintage suitcase, Cotteville 45 model from 1990, our wish was to be able to display a collection of 16 watches as well as space to store accessories, notebook, protective box or any other watch accessory. The two lockers come from "box 8 watches - Ref M47641 Louis Vuitton".


In order for it to fit perfectly into this suitcase, we have manufactured it with the same materials and the same manufacturing techniques. A fleece stretched in the lid and 2 elements located on either side serving as storage on the top but also as a support to create another storage space under the two compartments. This suitcase therefore offers 2 levels. The two compartments can be removed from the suitcase to be stored in the trunk.


The set is in beige microfiber of the same color as the lockers. Completely removable without any nails or glue. The guarantee of not damaging the luggage if you want to put it back in its initial configuration. The choice of microfiber offers the advantage of being washable and stain resistant. Complete weight: 5.4Kg


Valise a montre Louis Vuitton 18 montres de luxe sur mesure

If James Bond had had a watch case he would undoubtedly have chosen this one. We wanted to store as many watches as possible in this small suitcase, but also to be able to place these 18 watches in the trunk.


The interior is covered with red velvet goatskin, plane tree wood slide system.


Two-part removable locker, and protective cover that slides under the locker. Watch cushions with cushion support system to leave all cushions at the same level regardless of the clasp model.


Price: 3,675 euros excluding tax. Not including the suitcase.


Valise a montre Louis Vuitton 16 montres de luxe sur mesure bleu stravinsky

Time is the most precious commodity, many watch it pass on the dial of their watch. The pleasure will be multiplied if the whole of a collection of luxury watches Rolex, Pateck, Breguet, Omega... is brought together in the same case.


The interior of this Louis Vuitton Diplomate suitcase is lined with Stravinsky blue leather.


Price: 2,875 euros excluding tax. Not including suitcase


Boite militaire US pour 100 cartouches calibre 50 pour 8 montres de luxe

In this authentic US Army military metal ammunition box, rectangular, designed to hold up to 100 .50 caliber cartridges. Discover its manufacture...


The inside of this box is sheathed in Red and Storm Grey.


Price: 1,850 euros excluding tax. Not including suitcase


Amenagement sur mesure d'une valise Louis Vuitton pour thé et café de luxe

And why not present his tea and coffee to welcome his friends, his customers. In a beautiful apartment, it is not always easy to offer your guests, with "elegance", a snack. Our client, who has a small foot on the ground, wanted to be able to store his teas and coffees in a very versatile suitcase. It is made up of two compartments which can be reversed according to one's desires, the whole is sheathed in geranium-coloured leather.

A first tray presents 8 varieties of tea and herbal tea, above sugar sticks and stirrers, or why not some Neapolitans, and on each side 6 Nespresso coffee capsules.

Below is a compartment separated into 4 equal parts to store your little treasures discreetly. It is therefore modularity that governs this achievement.

Price: 2,650 euros excluding tax. Not including suitcase.


By opting for made-to-measure, no limit can curb the realization of your most audacious wishes. Your imagination remains the only frontier. If you are considering the transformation of a suitcase, a box or a case according to your needs, or if the idea of acquiring a tailor-made suitcase with a fitted interior appeals to you, our team stands by At your disposal. Do not hesitate to contact us.