Custom-made leather ring box. Made in France made in Paris by malle2luxe

The ring is a jewel that has crossed all eras, regardless of religions, civilizations, continents. Since prehistoric times , the ring has decorated the fingers of men and women. The ring is extremely refined, made with the most luxurious materials available: ivory, iron, copper, bronze, silver or gold ... Adorned with precious stones to which magical virtues were attributed . Simple ornament or social value, the ring has evolved over the centuries and millennia.


piece of jewelry accompanies a woman for life. It reminds her of strong moments, of commitments , but also of her shoulder in difficult times. We like to relate to the things we love, it is surely the only object that accompanies a man and a woman until the end of their life . The only worn object that is passed on to future generations. 

Custom-made leather ring box. Made in France made in Paris by malle2luxe


This treasure can not carry that finger of his happy elected . Otherwise, it must be carefully stored in a box of equivalent quality to the jewel it protects . Because the case is not just a simple box where the object is placed. The case must highlight the jewel it contains. It is also an experience , when one makes his romantic declaration and that we present this little colored box to elect his heart .

wide choice of custom-made leather ring box, wood structure. Made in France made in Paris by malle2luxe

And when its owner opens the delicate little box, he must take pleasure in discovering or re-discovering his precious jewelry. The container therefore takes an important place to enhance the content.  

Our baguiers boxes are made- to-measure  in Paris,  the structure is in wood, covered with Breteuil goat leather  (100 colors available) . Interior in goat suede , silk, velvet fabric to protect the jewel. We can make ring sizers of all sizes, slotted or supported.

Box with slit ring. Price from: 650 € HT bespoke haute joaillerie


Box with slit ring.


Box with split ring opening in chapel. Price from: 850 € HT custom-made leather case


Box with split ring opening in chapel.


Finger ring box. Price from: 790 € HT custom made in France made in Paris


Finger ring box.


Option: Protection box.



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