Exhibition: Mail trunk Louis Vuitton 2023 - 2024

Old Louis Vuitton mail trunk collection 2023 - 2024 exhibition

Louis Vuitton celebrates its emblematic Malle Courrier through a unique and free exhibition. Louis Vuitton's famous Courrier trunks come to life in a freely accessible exhibition, to be discovered in the Maison's workshops.

For fashion enthusiasts and souls eager to travel, an exceptional opportunity presents itself at the gates of Paris. Louis Vuitton recently inaugurated an exhibition paying homage to the House's travel icon: the Malle Courrier. A true witness to the history of this illustrious French luxury house, this emblematic object is exhibited in an unprecedented journey, available from May 23, 2023 to February 17, 2024.

French language

Duration: 45 mins 

Location: 18 Rue Louis Vuitton, Asnières-sur-Seine

Price: Free

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Louis Vuitton mail trunk
Louis Vuitton mail trunk

Before getting to the heart of the matter, it is essential to understand what a "Mail trunk" really is. Although the term "Mail" may evoke the idea of a container for letters, it has its origins in the concept of "long haul", designating ships in prolonged navigation. Courrier trunks are specifically designed for use in dedicated luggage compartments on trains and in ship holds. However, they are designed according to standardized dimensions, thus facilitating their handling while meeting the requirements of travel.


Courrier Louis Vuitton trunks stand out for their characteristic flat-topped trunks. Their height is between 39 cm and 57 cm . The length also varies, but it does not exceed 112 cm. The dimensions fluctuate, the most frequent measurements being 1 meter and 1.10 meters. Inside, they are equipped with 2 to 4 removable frames , and on the front, they feature 2 or 3 wooden slats. This clever design combines practicality and aesthetics, an ingeniousanswer to travel and transportation needs.

Louis Vuitton mail trunk located in Asnières-sur-Seine (92)

This unique event takes place in a place full of meaning for Louis Vuitton, located in Asnières-sur-Seine (92) , northwest of Paris, in the heart of the Maison's workshops. This place, housing not only the workshops of the renowned leather goods and ready-to-wear house, but also having been the family home of its founder, is of particular importance. Nowadays, this space, while continuing to host the manufacture of Louis Vuitton , is metamorphosed into an art gallery, highlighting the House's heritage. Today, this family house of Louis Vuitton brings to life an exhibition dedicated to a cult objectof the brand: La Malle Courrier. Designed in 1858 and patented in 1867, it embodies the expertise of the French luxury house in the art of traveland transport.

Miniatures Louis Vuitton contemporary mini trunk
Miniatures Louis Vuitton contemporary mini trunk

The exhibition is divided into three distinct spaces:

a spacious room housing many Courrier trunks, arranged on racks or hung on the walls, all dated, more contemporary versions . The famous trunk is revealed from different angles, merging with fields such as architecture and the automobile .


Upstairs, a corridor has showcases on either side, exhibiting travel objects and archives of the luxury house . Although the speaker's explanations can sometimes be approximate, the visit remains completely free and the staging maintains its characteristic level of quality. However, it should be noted that the quality of the restorations is below expectations.


In this space, you will discover a creation from Maison Rotival : a magnificent pomponnette . Gilbert Rotival 3rd generation, transmitted to us his unique know-how in terms of leather sheathing and the manufacture of fine jewelry cases.

animation of a moving mail trunk suspended with wires creates an engaging and imaginative scene
Animation of a moving mail trunk suspended with wires

Finally in a shop window the animation of a moving mail trunk suspended with wires creates a captivating and imaginative scene. The invisible threads seem to guide the trunk gracefully through space, giving it the appearance of  floating in weightlessness . This staging evokes a feeling of mystery and adventure, as if the trunk contained precious secrets en route to an unknown destination. The combination of the suspended movement and the retro object like a mail trunk creates a striking contrast between the past and the invisible technology that animates the whole thing. This animation can capture the audience's imagination and tell a story without saying a word.


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